GoNintendo Video - Taking Witcher 3 on Switch out for a spin, and talking graphics

Switcher action

Witcher 3 is hitting the Switch today, and we've got an early look at how that version holds up. Let's run through some very early gameplay, and talk about the whole graphics situation in general.

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I'm totally with you. That graphics discussion is getting more and more absurd each and every time. Is cool to see how the game works and what was achieved on the console, but anything beyond that is not a deal breaker, unless the game runs below 30 fps most of the time (20-15fps) and has tons of jaggies which would make it hard to play.
We are on a point where graphics are not even improving that much, they are also not providing any kind of gameplay improvement at all. As long as it runs well and looks good enough, I'm in. A game is not going to look like a PS1 game in this day an age so I don't think is really a thing. I even think that nowadays people do not care that much about graphics anymore as all games look samey with the new reflection shaders used in almost all games.
That said, I think this game looks more than OK on switch, I wasn't even expecting that much shadows and leave alone any water physics so I really think is impressive to see a game like that running on a portable console.
You should get it on Switch if that's your only console or if you plan playing it on the go.

I think of playing a 3rd party game on Switch is kind of like taking your sister to the prom. You can still have fun but it's not really what you want to do if you have another choice.

You took your sister to prom?

No, I didn't. I also wouldn't play Witcher on Switch. Better options.

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