Nintendo reconfirms that you'll need a Switch Online membership for Pokemon Sword and Shield online features

If you want to play online, pay up

In the last couple of days, some Pokemon Sword and Shield fans were holding into hope that you would be able to access online features for the game without a Switch Online membership. This was due to some wording on the Pokemon Sword and Shield website, which mentioned "an in-game purchase option for users who do not have a membership." Nintendo has now stepped in to clarify what that blurb means. The following statement comes from a spokesperson for Nintendo of America, as provided to TechRadar.

"As stated on the Game Store pages for the Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield games at www.nintendo.com, a Nintendo Switch Online membership is required to use the games’ online features. The games include an in-game option to purchase a Nintendo Switch Online membership for those who do not already have one."

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I think the better question to ask is if the game will support cloud saves?

I ask this since Game freak decided to like give us a fling and say that all pokemon won't be there in this one.

I thought that was their idea of not having save states or cloud saves because they think it exploits people on getting specific pokemon.

If pokemon Let's Go doesn't support cloud saves, I don't think this one will.

Why wouldn't it though? You no longer can catch all pokemon and there's very little reason to like not have them support cloud saves now.

What does catching all the pokemon have to do with anything? You couldn't catch all the pokemon in Let's Go either. Seems like they prevent cloud saves to prevent duplicating pokemon.

I think Pokémon Home is supposed to serve that purpose. Pokémon Bank is already a cloud-based way to keep your Pokémon collection (though you have to watch out for it getting purged if you let your annual fees lapse).

I just wanna know if Pokemon Home is included or a separate charge.

This is my big thing. It should be included automatically when you purchase an online membership, as I'm sure Home will require the use of online as well. The answer will most likely be that it will require an additional charge, but I hope I'm wrong.

Honestly, if they give us Home for free (be it free by default or bundled with your online membership), then any issues I've had with the dex cut will go out the window. My only concern now is being forced to pay a yearly fee just to keep my living dex.

Well, I’m not complaining about this. Since we’re getting Pokémon Home (Bank 2.0), we can save them all.


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