RUMOR: Another look at Sonic's potential redesign for the upcoming movie

Could it be?

A couple weeks back, we had a rumored first look at what Sonic's redesign would be for the upcoming Sonic movie. Now we have another piece of art for the film, and once again, it looks like the design we shared recently. If these images have been fakes, this most recent discovery has really gone above and beyond to fake things.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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i hope it's real, i'm expecting a trailer either tomorrow or monday

Definitely looks thicker than normal Sonic.

Well a realistic Sonic couldn't possibly be a twiggy little thing like the game version... he'd need some kind of muscle mass.

Yeah, Sonic is normally too lanky to be realistic.

Could they just not use the CGI Sonic?

Anyways, the next complain is that he has blue arms.

Well what's the alternative? A guy in a costume? A muppet?

I actually wouldn't mind a Sonic Muppet It worked wonders for Star Fox and his crew.

BLARMS SONIC. God, I'm laughing so hard at this. Clearly I'm either really tired, or this is actually funny to me.

like what the others said. what else you want? muppet, claymation, short dude in a costume, or animated like space jam?

Sun Oct 27 19 04:17am
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What I think Sega should have done was what Nintendo did. Give their property to someone like Illumination. I have no love for Minions but I at least have faith Illumination will create a CG Mario world. Not this “stick the character in OUR world” BS. And yeah I know a lot of Sonic games as of Adventure seem to take place in the “real world”. It felt wrong then too. The Mario movie might end up being bad but I bet it’ll look a hell of a lot more like the source material.

i hope this design of Sonic is real because this is a massive improviment to the previous design.

This looks like a promotional standee that would be given out to theater chains such as AMC or Regal. In which case I should find out whether it's real or not soon as they're delivered.


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