RUMOR - Yet another look at Sonic's redesign for the upcoming movie

Our third rumored look at Sonic's redesign

The leaks just keep coming for the Sonic the Hedgehog movie. This would be the third look at Sonic's supposed redesign for the film, and once again, it does seem like Sonic will come out looking decent in the end. Again, this art isn't confirmed just yet, but it falls in line with the recent leaks.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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Wed Nov 06 19 02:09am
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...are you people for real? Or are you just joking?

Hmm... it looks nice... maybe a bit too cartoony now, but definitely a whole lot better than that "kid in a fur suit" thing we had before...

I really truly utterly hate the blue arms. I'm fine with the split eyes and even the white strip of fur between the eyes but the blue arms are driving me mad.

Yep. Sonic doesn't have them blue arms am i rite?

It's one of the most well known mascots in the world and they can't even get the arms the right color. I cannot unsee it now and it is really annoying.

Wed Nov 06 19 02:09am
Rating: 3

...are you people for real? Or are you just joking?

I'm being genuine. I know he had blue arms in Sonic boom and I hated it there too. The peach colored arms accomplish 3 things:

-They make Sonic appear more human subconsciously and thus more approachable.
-they make the design feel more open and free. For example compare a tank top to a long sleeve shirt.
-they segment the body and make it easier to appreciate the individual parts of the design better.

It's a small issue sure, but it's still one that greatly bothers me. It'd be like if in the Mario movie Mario doesnt have a white circle with a red M on his hat but instead just a red hat with a white M; small but a distinct difference that's hard to ignore.

He’s had blue arms in games and other media in the past too so seems SEGA is indifferent which is “correct”.

To be honest I didn’t even notice. When I went and googled the blue arms look better in my opinion.

Good for them if that's really the new version! But it must've been a huge pain to rework the CGI into the footage.
P.S. I couldn't care less about the blue arms, but I sympathize with the true fans anguish. :D

Best looking shot so far, to me. Faithful, and as much real world texture as it needs.


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