Capcom updates sales totals for multiple titles, Mega Man 11 hits a million sold

Way to go, blue bomber!

Capcom has updated their million-sellers list with some new data. Check out where various titles now stand below.

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate - 3.3 million
Okami HD - 1 million
Mega Man 11 - 1 million
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - 1 million


Okami HD sold a million copies because NikkiHill endorsed it. Hope he gets his cut

Is this just for Switch? Or is that 1 million for Okami HD from all systems?

that good maybe this will incentivate Capcom to finally do Mega Men Legend 3 in all consoles.

Man Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate selling 3 million copies yet still no brand new Switch exclusive MH title...

It's if they don't like money, eh?

About 1.8 Million if that is the 3DS version

Now Capcom, be very nice abd ask Kamiya and co to make the Okami sequel it deserves.

Its odd that Mega Man 11 took this long to sell a million.

I mean, to be fair he has had a formula spanning like 30 games across his several spinoffs, and main series.

Also I wonder if some may not have digged the double gear system,

Thu Nov 07 19 12:07pm
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No, the problem was Capcom overcharged for something that was just a HD NES Mega Man game. If Capcom had introduced Mega Man 11 at a much lower price point, sales would have been a lot better.

That and due to Capcom itself, fans find that Mega Man is under the Firefly effect in that people don't want to invest in Mega Man fearing Capcom will screw the franchise again. Well if Mega Man 11 didn't do well for Capcom, guess what happens? They screw the Mega Man franchise again as a result and focus on re-releasing old games over and over or do strictly mobile only new games instead.

I mean it's a valuable IP having a new game, either the game or just by name alone I suppose one does it's specific charge. Nintendo has done that with the Wii U ports despite being old games because their brands are valuable to them.

It's the exact same reason Star Fox and F-Zero don't get new games, because they're hard to sell at a retail price. (well F-Zero is mainly because they also haven't found someone who could make it).

All in all, it seems Capcom is trying to bring old IPs do to the success of RE and DMC, so they will evaluate accordingly what works.

In my case I didn't buy Megaman 11 not because of price, but because we have a collections of several games and this new one, didn't look like as much of a step forward in comparison. Also I do wonder if that'll be the same case with a likely Megaman X9.

The difference between the Wii U ports that Nintendo does and what Capcom is doing is that Nintendo made the Switch not backwards compatable. Porting games to the system seems an easier choice as the Wii U games were on demand still.

F-Zero and Star Fox don't sell well because the games are at a nicher audience than Fire Emblem. If Nintendo made it so that both games could be played by anyone, they mostly would have sold more. That and that they were dormant than ever.

11 was rather a safe attempt as the staff are new and so is the producer. 12 or the next game will most likely improve on 11's flaws.

The thing that was odd is that it took so long to reach a million. I remember Capcom once stated that a series needs to sell 2 million inorder for it to have sequels.

From my perspective, aren't most of the post 8-bit Megaman games middling? I've only played 7 and the middling Megaman & Bass. I've not player 8 but I've heard it's ok at best, and frustrating at worst.

It just seems like the classic series, hasn't stick the landing in terms of jumping to a new artstyle. I've heard one of the complains of 11 is the sound design, being lackluster.


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