Speculation on Pokemon Sword and Shield's launch sales in Japan

How high will it go?

Nintendo fans and Pokemon fans alike are waiting to see just how big the debut is for Pokemon Sword and Shield in Japan. Quite honestly, the figures are all over the place, as no one is sure just how big of an impact fan backlash for the games will have on sales. All we can do is look at the only hard data we have to try and guess where sales might land in the first week.

Over in Japan, COMG rankings show how strong a game is selling prior to launch through preorders. As of right now, Pokemon Sword and Shield sits at a 539 rank, which is nearly double Pokemon: Let's GO's 279 ranking prior to launch. That game managed to move 660k units in its first week, which could mean we'll see Pokemon Sword and Shield floating somewhere around the 1.2 million mark. We'll certainly have our answer soon enough!

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I think it will reach 12 million worldwide by the end of the year.

I don't see the backlash having a big impact. As with most backlashes it's a vocal minority that is causing it. And worst of all, some of them complain and say they will buy the game. I'm glad people such as MysticUmbreon stood up to try to balance the scale.

Yeah, I see similar stuff with the Star Wars movies, and they still pull in at least hundreds of millions of dollars every time. (Solo wound up not turning a profit, though that was in some part due to the MASSIVE budget it had requiring it to be a hit on the scale of The Force Awakens to turn a profit.)

Disney screwed up big with Solo. I enjoyed the movie. I had fun and wish it had a sequel to finish the story.
The problem was Disney not being able to understand that Star Wars is not Marvel. It's a franchise that got 3 movies with three years in between and then had at least 10 years of rest. Suddenly they are putting out a movie per year. To add to that, The Last Jedi was not well received and then 6 months later they release this side story that had troubled development. If they had at least worked on it longer and released in December as all the other Disney Star Wars movies, they would have made more money and, perhaps, it would not have been so financially disappointing.

I think it's also worth noting that some fans simply didn't want an origin story for Han Solo, and preferred his mysterious past. But's probably just one of the problems, among the ones you mentioned.

That is also a problem. I'd much prefer a movie about Yoda.
Now, I always thought Solo was a stupid surname, so for me such a simple and thoughtless origin was a perfect fit. I loved him meeting Chewie as well. The only problem I had with the movie was the very end, because Disney won't finish the story Sad

COMG has been a terrible predictor for Switch games honestly.

And with how strong digital has been thanks to the voucher program(which is still ongoing in japan) and the overall gradually digital shift of the industry and economy as a whole means a large chunk of sales is not shown reflected in Famitsu and the like.

Fire Emblem Three Houses had a ~40% digital sales share.

Comgnet has been a terrible predictor in general. Of course the article is from Nintendosoup....


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