Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom 50% off sale leads to more copies sold on Switch in 5 days than in the last 5 months

A monster success!

FDG Entertainment has a major reason to celebrate. They recently launched a 50% off sale for Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom on Switch, and it brought in customers in droves. FDG has confirmed that they sold more copies of the game in the last 5 days than they did in the last 5 months combined! Talk about a well-timed sale!


Zero to hero overnight.

If anyone is on the fence about it, it's worth every penny.

Plus there's a demo if you want to try it in action.

I mean it's not really surprising to me.I'm pretty sure most people who originally wanted it saw it and thought it was too expensive. Especially with Dragon's Curse already being on the system, looking better in terms of designs and being a lot cheaper. Hopefully that will teach how to better price a product.

Wed Dec 11 19 11:41am
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You’re absolutely right. I’ve been wanting to get the game but $39.99 was too much to ask. $19.99 should have been the starting point, really.


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