Bayonetta director 'Hideki Kamiya' trashes the Switch's Home Menu, calls it "a piece of crap" (UPDATE)

Is it too simplistic?

Hideki Kamiya is pretty well known for his gaming related rants on Twitter, and is usually pretty open with his opinions. With a recent Tweet, it seems as though the PlatinumGames producer isn't too happy with Nintendo's design choices for the Home Menu on Switch. As translated by NintendoSoup, here is what Kamiya had to say:

“The Nintendo Switch’s Home Menu is a piece of crap, all of the sh*tty gigantic game icons are lined up in a row, but the rest of the games are tossed into a trash can called ‘All Games’… I wonder have they (the people that made the menu) ever played the Nintendo fan boys’ Switch?”

This isn't the first time the Switch's UI has been criticized. Many aren't too fond of the simplistic design choice, making your digital games hard to find and difficult to organize. Hopefully more features are released in the future to improve upon the menu.

UPDATE - An alternate translation has come in. The verbiage is different, but the sentiment is still a negative one. Check out the translation from PushDustIn below.

Switch's home screen has these huge fucking thumbnails which are just lined up in a row. I'm really thankful to have all the games thrown in the "All Software" screen. The people at Nintendo have used the Switch right? Are they going to fix it...?


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Wed Jan 01 20 04:43pm
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Switch UI is simple, speedy, focused and elegant. It’s brilliant. Kamiya is wrong and so are all of you who agree with him.

I like how it LOOKS, but I hate how it works. Folders could make everything so much easier.

drew ciccotelli
Wed Jan 01 20 11:07am
(Updated 1 time)

He's definitely not alone with that opinion. As much as I like how fast it zips around it really is a poor design to keep up with the games you have if you don't dig back on your list once in a while.

Kamiya you're right but how about spending less time on Twitter complaining and blocking people and spend more time on hurry up and finishing Bayonetta 3 or at least developing it enough to finally show off a trailer. I mean its only been 2 + years since its announcement.

Wed Jan 01 20 11:31am
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He's not the director for Bayonetta 3.

But do we actually know who is?

Wed Jan 01 20 12:36pm
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The Wii menu was so iconic and had so much life to it, it feels like since the launch of the Switch that Nintendo has been hiring guys from like Apple to design their UIs, sooooo lifeless and bland

A UI is meant to open and close software quickly and Switch does it a lot faster than any other Home Menu. You don’t need a theme or theatrics behind it. Just do the job. The aesthetics eventually fade to the user, but performance always matters.

Wed Jan 01 20 12:59pm
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The Wii menu was so iconic and had so much life to it, it feels like since the launch of the Switch that Nintendo has been hiring guys from like Apple to design their UIs, sooooo lifeless and bland

The problem though is the Wii U bombing. Nintendo kept the "Wii Channels" design for the Wii U UI and since that went all kablooey in the marketplace, of course Nintendo would use the 3DS's UI for the Switch (only minus themes and folders). There is a concession in that if you go to the "All Games" mode, you can get a Wii/Wii U style display (but infinite scrolling instead of pagination), but there's no way to keep it in that mode permanently.

Folders would be nice, but Nintendo is too busy fighting homebrewers and pirates to make the Switch UI more robust. Heck on the 3DS, themes could be used to hack the 3DS. Nintendo doesn't want to give the Switch themes because of it. The webbrowser on the 3DS is another reason it got hacked, which is why they haven't given us a full webbrowser on Switch either.

EDIT - Ninja'd.

Ghee Hideki Kamiya. Why don't you go straight to Nintendo headquarters and tell that to Nintendo instead of ranting it on twitter. While you're at it, brag about how you can make a better UI than Nintendo here.

The UI may be underwhelming but its not as ***** as what many seem to think it is. And I rather, they make games I want than a better UI.

red knight
Wed Jan 01 20 02:07pm
Rating: 3

He's 1000% right! The Switch is lifeless compared to Wii U. Consoles evolved into so much more than just gaming and Nintendo were at the forefront of that change. Wii Shop channel, WiiWare, Virtual Console, Browser, Blue light messaging, Miiverse!, Mii's you could actually interact with etc.

In my book they dropped the ball and now Xbox One X feels more like a successor to the Wii family of systems. They have backwards compatibility with games and controllers like Wii U did, Game communities similar to miiverse, ID@Xbox is basically Wiiware, Adaptive Controller is inclusive just like the Wiimote was but even more so.

Nintendo still make the best games in my opinion but the switch is just a weak current gen console with paid horrible online and underutilized potential in how we can play.

"But it's portable" cool. Yet Nintendo produced way better games accross 3DS and Wii U than they have now that they only have one console to work with and the teams are "unified". Doesn't make sense to me but hey they are selling like hot cakes so who really cares! Am I right...

Wed Jan 01 20 02:40pm
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Agreed. I love my Switch. But the menu UI is awful. Ugly, blocky, lacking any sort of inspiration or ability to customize. And the lack of organization with folders and such, is a pitty. It fell too far into the simplistic/minimalistic design that plagued the UI design industry over the past few years.

Wed Jan 01 20 03:16pm
Rating: 2

I never get the complaints of people who want dated design choices like music or channels or something. "Lifeless?' It's a menu, not the game itself. Just give me folders and I'm good, the current menu is fast and allows you to get to the game quickly. By the way Kamiya, that "trash can" is there because you don't play those games. You put them there yourself by not touching them.

Wed Jan 01 20 03:40pm
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How it's been two years, almost three, since launch with no real usability, filtering, folders, searching, etc. That needs to change with how many games keep dropping.

Themes are whatever, I'd like at least a blue one, or a retro one with sound effects to replace the clicking.

They should go full sadist and port Nintendo Badge Arcade.

Wed Jan 01 20 04:16pm
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I really love how fast and responsive the Switch UI is. COMPARE it to the Wii U or even the 3DS, those systems took 20-30 seconds just to go to a different menu!

ALSO, the menu's of the PS4 and XBOX ONE are waay to cluttered where you can't find anything you want except for going through 4-5 menu's. On the Switch you have one menu and that's all you ever need.

I do NOT want folders on the Switch or themes to slow it down.

On PS4 at least, the menus are easy to navigate and super easy to deal with. Organize apps in folders, and it's super easy to get to the ones you want. I organize by Retail, PSN, PS2 games and have zero problems finding what I need since you can use R1/L1 to zip to the ends of a folder (though that particular addition was only done recently). Definitely not at all clunky and the Switch UI looks shameful in comparison. The only thing I can praise it for now is adding the ability to group by Publisher which means all my ACA titles are in one spot, but unfortunately you still can't use folders or sort alphabetically, and the menu loads far too slowly when you sort by a category if you have 200+ icons like I do.

But yeah, folders are desperately, desperately needed and it's insulting that we've gone so long without them being a thing when the Wii U AND 3DS both got them added in by this point in time. When it's a commonplace sign of the times, there's zero excuse for them not to add them by now especially with how many games the Switch eShop has, and little ways to manually organize... Even NSO has far better organization.

Wed Jan 01 20 04:43pm
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Switch UI is simple, speedy, focused and elegant. It’s brilliant. Kamiya is wrong and so are all of you who agree with him.

I like the layout, it's very functional. I do wish it was a bit more interesting wiht music or something, though.

The home menu is pretty good. The icons are big, but there are 12 of them, which are the most recently played games... Isn't that enough?

You will only see a problem with the home system, if you for some reason, you're playing more than 12 games at a time, which I'm sure is something nobody does.

Kamiya is just talking out of his a****.

I am sure he DOES NOT have a problem with the menu. He just being an idiot, which is his regular state on Twitter.

He's 100% right. I seriously expect folders this year, otherwise Nintendo are just out of their minds, though the lack of charm in the Switch UI has been a problem since Day 1 anyhow... I liked that you could sort by publisher/title/etc last year, but I'd like to manually sort in folders so I can finally get to certain games quicker and not lose track of them due to having 200+ games on my MicroSD card. Utterly ridiculous that even the folderless NSO apps are much easier to organize and sift through than the main UI.

Other than maybe folders or just being able to shrink the icon size to fit more on one screen the Switch UI (and more importantly UX) is exponentially better than Wii or Wii U or any console to date.

It's funny seeing people bring up the 3DS, Wii/Wii U and even the XboX one of all things up in a discussion about what a UI should be. I'll take quick minimalism and functionality over flash and sluggishness any day.

Thu Jan 02 20 12:20am
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It's another nintendosoup mistranslation clickbait.
Do you realize you're damaging kamiya's image by spreading nintendosoup's garbage?
The Nintendo fan boy part is entirely made up.

Intrigued by your comment, I looked at the original Japanese myself and I had never seen ウトンテンニ before. I obviously knew it was 任天堂 backwards, but a search on Google and seeing Kamiya's use of it in previous times does make it seem like he uses to refer to hardcore Nintendo fans. And the rest of the Japanese from that post by Nintendo Soup is accurate. I can't speak to anything they've posted before since I've not seen those other posts, but the tone and verbage of this post is accurately translated IMO. Unless you know a deeper Japanese nuance I'm not aware of and would care to share your interpretation and how you came about it? 🙂

So the guy behind some of the busiest games in the history of video games thinks the Switch menu is too simple? Consider me shocked.

In the end of the day the games are the ipmortant thing, so I would forget themes pretty fast... Folders would be nce though.


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