Pokemon GO has its best year ever, rakes in roughly $849 million for 2019

An unbelievable achievement

Pokemon GO is the biggest success story for the entire Pokemon franchise, no doubt. The brand has brought in millions upon millions for years now, but nothing has come close to the success generated by Pokemon GO. Sensor Tower has put out their report on how things went for the game in 2019, and the results are pretty staggering. Check out a recap of the info below.

- the game made an estimated $894 million in gross player spending for 2019, making for the best year yet
- the game's second best year was 2016, where it made $832 million
- the game had its fourth and fifth best months ever in 2019, generating $116 million in August and $126 million in September
- $335 million in revenue came from the US in 2019, which equates to 38 percent of all user spending
- Japan ranked No. 2 for revenue with $286 million, or 32 percent of the total
- Germany was No. 3 with $54 million, or 6 percent
- Google Play accounted for the majority of revenue, with users spending $482 million in the game, or 54 percent of the total
- the App Store accumulated $412 million, or 46 percent of all spending
- Niantic has racked up more than $3.1 billion in lifetime player spending
- Pokémon GO accumulated more than 55 million installs in 2019
- the U.S. accounted for the majority of downloads, picking up more than 10 million installs, or 19 percent of the total
- Brazil was No. 2 with more than 5 million downloads, or 10 percent
- India was No. 3 with more than 3 million installs, or 6 percent
- Google Play accounted for the majority of downloads, racking up 38 million installs, or 69 percent of the total
- the App Store, meanwhile, generated approximately 17 million downloads, or 31 percent
- average revenue per download for Pokémon GO currently stands at $5.70
- Pokemon GO was the No. 5 top earner worldwide
- Pokémon GO remains the runaway leader in the location-based gaming category
- Pokémon GO is the only location-based game that has been able to increase its revenue from its launch year

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Good for Niantic and Nintendo! I know people often talk of the game as a passing fad, but I still play every day and find it quite enjoyable :-)

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