Nintendo shares a 'spot the difference' Winter image

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The above images might look the same at first glance, but there's actually a number of differences between the two. Nintendo has put out special Winter art featuring Mario and the gang, and the two images are meant to be used as a 'spot the difference' game. How many differences can you see between the two?

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There are a total of four differences

1. Bowser Junior holds a Spike Koopa shell at the top while the bottom shows a regular koopa shell.

2. Luigi's scarf is blown differently in both the images.

3. Yoshi closes his mouth on top while he opens it at the bottom image.

4. Monty Mole closes his eyes at the top image while at the bottom, his eyes are open.

But seriously...this is some amazing artwork! Why can Nintendo like..idk, make a 2D Mario game using this style?!?

You missed one. Mario & Luigi swapped sleds in each picture.

Thu Jan 23 20 12:45pm
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Oh crap..dam..I didn't notice the logo there...oh well.

To the left of Luigi's head, there is a round snowflake in the top image, but the bottom image has a boo.

Damn again! That was impossible to notice at first glance!

Yeah I didn't believe it was a boo until I zoomed in! haha

I’d love an animated show in this art style.

Luigi’s earmuffs are also different.


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