EB Games claims Street Fighter V Champion Edition is heading to Switch (UPDATE)

Could it be?

Well here's a weird one! Usually we see retailer listings for games that haven't been announced yet, but EB Games has gone a step further. They sent out a tweet announcing that Street Fighter V Champion Edition is coming to Switch. Capcom hasn't made a peep about this, so we're not quite sure what's going on! EB Games hasn't removed the tweet either, so perhaps this could be true?! We'll keep tabs and see what happens.

UPDATE - EB Games has removed the listing, and Capcom's Yoshinori Ono has denied the existence of the game, which you can see below.


Is Capcom going to bring the PC exclusive rootkit to Switch as well with this version?

Its kinda hard to believe since Sony had an exclusivity deal with this game. Also its a current gen game and you know how Capcom feels about porting those over to Switch....

Also while Im not a fighting game fan in the slightest..you would think Capcom would've ported both Street Fighter 4 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to Switch first considering it keeps in line with Capcom's trend of using Switch as a last gen porting ground, both fighters were much more well recieved by the fighting game community than SFV has been, and both games have ran on handheld hardware before (3DS & Vita respectively).

Maybe Sony sold the rights back to Capcom? ...certainly wasn't the major exclusive they were hoping for...

Maybe it was a timed exclusive, or they’re getting around it because this is technically a different edition.

I played this on PC at launch, but got bored from the grinding to unlock things. If this has everything unlocked I might check it out.

The vast majority of past content is unlocked. Seems that 2-3 costumes and stages are the exceptions. I imagine future content will be handled same as before.

I'd be interested, depending on how much input lag

Sun Jan 26 20 12:36am
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Yoshinori Ono has deconfirmed it as expected considering it was EB Games


I'd rather have Ultra Street Fighter 4.

But even then Crapcom would probably only put half of it on cart so whatever.

Somebody got fired today.


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