Sports Story dev details how the games dungeons and stealth gameplay work, hoping to do a physical release

Some sporting fun

Sports Story is the follow-up to the super successful Golf Story, and it's expanding the game in all sorts of ways. Now you'll be playing all sorts of sports, and even taking on some more traditional gameplay mechanics.

In an interview with NintendoEverything, developer Andrew Newey goes over two of the new features. First up is the addition of dungeons.

Various sporting abilities are used to progress through the dungeon. We wanted to create different scenarios to incorporate sports and this is one of the ways it manifested.

Following that, Newey talked a tiny bit about the 'stealthy infiltrations' you'll have to take on during the game.

These are one of many situations the player finds himself in. They also involve sports, as most things in the game do. We wanted more ways to feature the story side of Sports Story.

Golf Story ended up getting a physical release, so could we see the same for Sports Story? Nothing is set in stone yet, but it seems the interest is there.

We would love to do it. I myself am a collector of our games so I’d love to have it in the collection.

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