The Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter gets "Time Attack" and new 2D side-scrolling adventure "Luka's First Mission" stretch goals

Wonderful news!

The Wonderful 101: Remastered's Kickstarter has been insanely successful so far, pulling in over $710k as of right now. That's WAY more than the $50k needed to bring the game to Switch, but still not enough to reach two new strech goals.

Platinum has opened up a $1 million stretch goal for a Time Attack mode, but it's the second stretch goal that's much more intriguing. If the campaign pulls in $1.5 million, Platinum will release a brand new 2D side-scrolling adventure called "Luka's First Mission." There are no other details shared about this new adventure, but it definitely sounds interesting!


Wow. Just wow, what a day this has been. Congrats to Platinum Smile

Glad about the well-deserved success. But too bad the game didn't see the success it deserved back then.

Mon Feb 03 20 09:00pm
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I kid you not. I knew that one of the stretch goals was DEFINITELY going to be a mode that's a call back to Viewtiful Joe. lol Wonderful 1 totally deserved this day! Shame on Nintendo for not realizing what they had but maybe now, they will.

Yeah, Ninty should have just kept the IP and make that port and a sequel. Oh well, at least the2 game gets nto more hands, and that's important. It's such a grat game.

drew ciccotelli
Tue Feb 04 20 01:47am
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I'm sure a ton of people who play Xbox One and PS4 will want this game, most of them probably already own a Switch.

Even so, Wonderful 101 was a great game but to be absolutely honest it was a true test of will and determination to figure out the controls if you're not ready for the challenge. I'm sure with some focus on "Switching up the controls," this game could turn out much more accessible to a larger audience.

Sad it came to a kickstarter to get it going but if they follow through with their promised goals hopefully this game will get a whole new bunch of fans and we can get some sequels.

If anything I'd love them to get a kickstarter to get Nier Automata on Switch, that would be a good trade.


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