Visual novel Variable Barricade coming to Nintendo Switch in Japan

Idea Factory will be bringing the comedy otome visual novel Variable Barricade to Nintendo Switch. The game is set to release on June 18, 2020. Here is an overview from the Visual Novel Database...

A proposal within five seconds of meeting!?

The mysterious handsome men who appeared in front of Hibari, the only daughter of distinguished Toujou family, were the groom candidates who had been sent by her natural enemy, her grandfather.

Alerted by her intuition Hibari realized that there must be something more behind this. Why now? And anyway, who are these guys in the first place? Though she showed a firmly defiant stance toward this obviously suspicious situation, her grandfathers decision was absolute. While still surprised they were given a villa, and on the premise of a marriage proposal they started living together.

The four men try to pursue her in many ways, aiming for the groom position. Within the dazzling days of seduction, Hibari resolutely makes her decision.

“There’s absolutely no way I’ll fall for you!”

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Yay~! I'm super excited for this one! Hopefully Charade Maniacs is also coming. I'm curious as to what other Otomate games will get ports next.


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