Animal Crossing: New Horizons gameplay clips show off character customization

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The official Animal Crossing Twitter account in Japan has shared two new clips from the upcoming Animal Crossing: New Horizons that show off character creation and customization. Check out the clips to see what new options are available when you're tweaking your character.


This is really bothering me. I've talked about it elsewhere but there doesn't seem to be any gender option and potentially no pronouns which is terrible. I feel like from the context of Animal Crossing if this were to happen my identity in game has been erased. I really hope there's still an option to pick your gender.

Well there are two pages it didn't go to it seems. Though, I can't see where a gender option or pronouns really matters when you can customize everything. You as the player determine what you like and create the character accordingly. It doesn't necessarily need to be a blatant choice.

Pronouns matter even less. I can't think of any instance where the game or characters wouldn't be talking directly to you and use the word "you" to refer to your character. You don't really see other animals talking to each other about you and you can't eavesdrop or anything in the game, so what purpose would they serve?

There are instances though where the characters refer to the player in the third person, namely when more than one villager is holding a conversation or whenever you're talked about in the third person, and as a Trans woman I would prefer they refer to me as "She" or "her" not for the game to ignore using any pronoun or the third person. That said I'd be fine with them offering a option for non-binary people, but as someone who primarily expresses their gender through escapism, especially Animal Crossing, as New Leaf along with my favorite AC character were pivotal in me discovering my gender, and as someone who gets really immersed in living a life through animal crossing the potential lack of pronouns, no matter how trivial it may seem on the surface, is almost in its own way a deal breaker.

Essentially I want to play as a girl, I'm fine if the game let's you be anything else as well, but I want the confirmation that I'm a girl within the game.

Gotcha. Thanks for the detailed reasoning. Hopefully they do include it then for ya. Smile

According to Pax footage that I've seen they did. Unfortunately there's only a male and female option so I do feel bad for those who would have preferred the scenario in which there would be no pronouns, namely those who are non-binary or agendered or anything else. Hopefully in the future there's a broader range of options for this so those who would prefer to play outside the limits of male or female can.

you're either a boy or a girl. Choose one.

That's exactly what I want. The option could be more inclusive and offer a means of representing people that fall outside of the binary system, but I don't want any confusion over whether or not my character is female.


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