WORLD OF HORROR dev says it's "too early to tell" if there will be physical Switch version

It wouldn't be a horrible decision

WORLD OF HORROR, the 1-bit text adventure game, is making its way to Switch in 2020. As of right now, the game will only get an eShop release. Could a physical version come about at some point? We asked Panstasz, the developer of the game, and he offered up this comment.

Not saying it's not! It's too early to tell though.

Seems like we need to get a bit closer to the Switch version launching before that discussion can happen. With the unique look of this game, I'd be pretty surprised if a boutique publisher or two didn't contact the dev for a retail release. Keep your fingers crossed!

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I usually wait on most indies these days because I expect them to get physical releases. Even some of the trash games get physical releases these days. The developer might not know at the moment, but being asked the question is already a pretty good sign so I might wait on this for a bit.


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