Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons booth at PAX East turns Discord's Community Manager into a blubbering mess

Now that's a fan!

Video games make me cry all the time. I cry from the content in games...I cry from game announcements...I cry when I hear familiar game jingles. The list goes on and on, and sometimes I feel like I'm the only one! Today I learn I'm not, and it feels really good!

Mallory Loar, community manager at Discord, is one of those people who cries from video games. She doesn't even have to be playing a game to tear up. In the video above, you can see Mallory's reaction to seeing Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Horizons setup at PAX East. While we don't get to see the display ourselves, Mallory's reaction shows us just how moving it can be!


Awesome character moments get me from time to time, but music in games making me cry is a regular occurrence. I'm sure ACNH will have a track or 2 that can do it! Hearing K.K. Slider play K.K. Cruisin' with my friends will probably be one.

Telltale's The Walking Dead and The Last Guardian have hit my feels the most.

I should have recorded myself when finishing Pikmin 3

I will never ever understand.

Never understand what? Why people can get emotional over something they enjoy? If so then I hate to sound like an a-hole but geez I'm glad I'm not "emotionally stunted" like you sound like you are.

Thu Feb 27 20 09:59pm
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Yeah, I don’t get why people cry at the drop of a hat.

Honestly you do sound like the a-hole. You don’t know me yet you immediately jump to “emotionally stunted”. I cry for things that deserve it, not video games. From my perspective I’m the emotionally well balanced one.

Awfully presumptuous of you to say that a lack of emotional connection or love for a medium is something that makes someone "emotionally well balanced." If anything you sound like the kind of guy who probably told people "oh shut up and get over it" when people like me got emotional over the endings to Toy Story 3 or Coco.

You call me presumptuous and then immediately follow it up by being quite presumptuous yourself. Very cute. I never said that I don’t have emotions, I just don’t cry over every little thing. Yeah, I don’t really understand people who do. That doesn’t make me cold or devoid of empathy.

Could of fooled me given your reaction to this video and frankly some of your posting history, especially using the phrase "I cry at things that deserve it" which to me sounds dangerously close to something similar to "don't complain about your life being hard when people in third world countries have it harder" because frankly yes I'm sick of people like that. Just because some kid in Africa doesn't have food doesn't mean my serious anxiety and depression problems aren't any less of an issue.

Yeah if you can't tell I took all this **** a bit too personally, you reminded me a bit too much of certain people from my life who I haven't had pleasant experiences with.

Yeah if you can't tell I took all this **** a bit too personally

Yeah I can tell because you’re acting crazy. Where did you even get all that stuff you just wrote? What does Africa have to do with it? Totally random.

This is your problem to resolve, not mine.

You seriously never heard anyone try and use the phrase "there are starving kids in Africa so stop complaining about your life" in an effort to tell someone their emotional distress or life problems means nothing to them? That's why I said that, your usage of "I cry for things that deserve it" sounded like it was dangerously close to sounding like "stop crying over things that I don't find emotionally worth investing in," like your idea of what to be emotional over is more important than the emotions of other people.

Fri Feb 28 20 02:01am
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Actually, there are a lot of things more important than video games to be emotional about. Sorry if that’s distressing to you.

You really don't understand what I'm getting at do you? My comments were all saying my issue with your first comment is you're saying you'll never understand why someone could have an emotional reaction to something that means a lot to them even if said something doesn't mean as much to yourself, giving off a heavy implication your emotional responses are somehow more meaningful than those made by other people (yes I am implying your sense of empathy isn't as strong as you imply it to be). Plus the simple fact you apparently felt the absolute need to make said comment rather than move on makes it seem like you REALLY wanted people to know just how little you're willing to learn why exactly someone else's emotions mean so much to them.

Fri Feb 28 20 03:23pm
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I don't care what you're trying to get at now. From the get go you were rather insulting. That's a pretty good way for your point to get lost. Based on some of the stuff you said it sounds like you have issues with people in your personal life. For whatever reason you decided to take it out on me. That's your personal problem to resolve, I have nothing to do with it.

Edit: You know what, we’re going around in circles and it’s really unnecessary. Agree to disagree and all that. I thought you were insulting but I’m willing to forget about that and have no hard feelings.

Fri Feb 28 20 02:58am
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Crying is an involuntary reaction triggered by emotional states including sadness, fear and joy... what sets these things off varies from person to person and can range from "perfectly obvious" to "who can say why?" but regardless, being involuntary means little to no control over it; it happens whether you want it to or not, whether it makes sense to you or not... what's not to understand?

Fri Feb 28 20 03:09am
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what's not to understand?

Crying at an Animal Crossing booth.

And I love me some Animal Crossing. It just seems like such an extreme overreaction.

Anyway, thanks for the lesson, Professor. ;)

Fri Feb 28 20 03:25am
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It's just one of "those things" in life... and I say this as someone who frequently cries over the tiniest hints a emotional anything...

Yeah, and it’s one of those things that’ll probably continue to elude me, what with my black uncaring heart. Haha.

I agree and I don’t get why you seemed to draw so much ire.
I get that people have different emotional responses to things and it’s that very reason why I don’t understand how someone could get so emotional over animal crossing. It doesn’t trigger that response in me. Whereas I might get emotional over something else that this animal crossing lover would be like “ WTF”!

Thank you. The ire is rather extreme. I just don’t understand how happiness over a video game can do that to someone, that’s all. Ms Fortune is acting like I criticized someone for crying over the death of a loved one or something. I guess I hit some kind of nerve.


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