Animal Crossing: New Horizons includes a camera option that provides a more top-down view

The view from above

The PAX East demo for Animal Crossing: New Horizons is giving us all sorts of new details. We've already shared a few tidbits about gameplay, but now we have info on camera options. As you can see in the clip above, players will have the ability to shift the view to a more top-down focus, which is a bit closer to how things looked in the original Animal Crossing.


The delirious GameCube purist side of the fandom no longer have any legs to stand on now with this top-down camera inclusion. This is looking to be the ultimate Animal Crossing game, full stop.

I hope there is an option for the cooler, lower angle views that were present in the trailers.

Just let us turn the camera even a LITTLE BIT, Nintendo. I cannot deal with another 7 years of Animal Crossing with potential items/garbage/pitfalls/STUFF hidden behind buildings and trees. ARFLKJSDLF

Can we get nes games pretty please ? Still the one thing that makes me love the GC game more than the others.

I know this will never happen. I mean nes games are part of the online offer now so yeah. I can dream.


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