Platinum says there's nothing to worry about, all is fine with Bayonetta 3

No, really!

Some people think no news is good news. Others believe it to mean everything is going wrong, and all Hell is breaking loose. That's the case with Bayonetta 3 right now, and Platinum wants to set the record straight.

We haven't seen anything new on Bayonetta 3 since the initial reveal. No screenshots, no gameplay details, no artwork...nothing. This has lead many to believe that something's wrong with the project, but Platinum's Atsushi Inaba is here to assuage those fears. In an interview with Gematsu, he shared this tidbit on Bayonetta 3's progress.

“(Laughs.) There’s nothing to worry about at all. There’s nothing to worry about. Things are going very well. Really, there’s nothing to worry about.”


There are no tanks in Baghdad.

Mon Mar 02 20 12:51am
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Yeah this is starting to get suspicious considering they’ve made two of these games already and should be able to crank out a 3rd one without too much trouble.

I joke but more than likely things are fine with the game. But anything can happen, ie Metroid Prime 4.

I do wonder if it'll be more open, since it's very weird a traditional, level by level game like the previous ones is taking that long. Maybe multiple characters? Maybe a new combat system that needs more polishing?

All in all, it was announced too soon.

that only makes me MORE worried

“(Laughs.) There’s nothing to worry about at all. There’s nothing to worry about. Things are going very well. Really, there’s nothing to worry about.”


I think the guys at Platinum are geting reaaaaally bored with hearing this question. And there's a LOT happening with Platinum these days so info might come in small doses with big gaps. Oh and there was talk about a different approach with Bayonetta 3, so...

On the other hand, the game has been in development long enough for them to show us fans SOMETHING. So we are going to have to ask to see something at times.

Won't both sides please understand?

drew ciccotelli
Mon Mar 02 20 09:56am
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If anyone deserves to be bothered it's Miyamoto about Pikmin 4 which he said was in development well before the Switch even launched.

True that. Hope he wasn't talking about the spin-off game...

I wouldn't be surprised if there was more happening behind the scenes than Platinum is letting on. Radio silence for so long since the initial announcement suggests that they either revealed it way too early in its development, or that it hasn't been smooth going for whatever reason.

In all likelihood it was just announced too early. May not have been in development for long at all when Nintendo chose to announce it. They announced it in the first year of the Switch being out and wanted to drop a bombshell at the VGAs regardless of when it would actually see release is my guess.

They might just be pulling an Astral Chain and showing it when it’s just about ready with a release a few months after it properly debuts. Sure we could’ve seen something on it already but if they’ve known it wouldn’t be ready for long after they show it they might just prefer to wait. Smart move in my eyes, games that get announced early and then shown time and time again for ages start to feel old before they’re even out (look at Sony’s E3 2018 conference). Astral Chain was so exciting because we got that trailer and then it dropped just a few months later, no years of teasers diluting it’s impact. Not saying seeing a game years in advance makes the end product worse at all but I’d rather just be told a game is coming with a tease and then see it properly with a relatively short wait than be drip fed glimpses of it for years.


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