Pokemon Sword and Shield competitive play is being ruined by a new exploit

Some people like to watch the world burn

There are millions of people out there who like to play Pokemon Sword and Shield competitively, and they do so by following the rules. They celebrate their wins, they take their lumps with losses, and they move on. Then there's a small group of bad actors who are extremely sore losers, and they've taken up a new tactic that's hurting competitive play altogether.

After a competitive match in Sword and Shield, the winner gets points and the loser loses points. As you might have figured out, those who are losing have come up with a way to make sure they don't actually lose points after a match. Even worse, the winner doesn't get the points they earned. Unfortunately, it's extremely simple to make this happen. A Resetera user explains...

This bug is easy to exploit. All that must be done is pushing the power button to disconect the Switch at a specfic time after losing the match. When done correctly, not only does the loser NOT lose points for their match, but the winner does not GAIN points for the match won. So basically, this totally nulls the match, and ruins the whole point of laddering in Pokemon.

Hopefully Pokemon Co. and Nintendo are aware of this, and a fix is in the works. This is the kind of thing that can really kill the fun for part of a game.


If the community is large enough, any exploit will be used by some. It's a good thing this is being discussed online, so that they can fix the issue.

It took months to fix the issue in which glitched Pokémon arriving in Surprise Trade locked people's games from going online (and similar exploits were found in Sun and Moon and were never fixed).

But yeah, I hope it gets fixed sooner or later.

Thu Apr 02 20 01:30am
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Oh no, that's awful!
*jots down* power button
The nerve!
specific time after losing
What's Nintendo going to do to these monsters?!
best of all, winner doesn't get points
Hang them from the rafters, I say!!


tee hee hee

(In all seriousness, I do hope they issue a patch ASAP)

At the very least, if they ever pull that off, I have it recorded, as I record every online battle I play in Ranked.

Then again, maybe it's better to not put that up, since it'll teach people how to do it...

not entirely sure, but i know people disconnected several generrations back, didnt they have that issue once before?, dont recall if that got fixed that time.


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