Spring Sale 2020 (EU) - trailer, first-party games added to line-up

A new trailer for this year's Spring Sale has been released. In addition to the trailer, a bunch of first-party games have been added to the line-up. Players have now access to discounts on Astral Chain, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Kirby: Star Allies, The Stretchers, Snipperclips, Captain Toad and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. The discounts run until the 19th of April.

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Thu Apr 09 20 09:29am
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Seems like it's time for many of you to get Astral Chain which, by the way, is GOTY 2019 =)

Couldn't agree more! Loved every minute of the roughly 150 hours I put into 100%-ing it!

150 hours? That's bad-ass =) I have to redownload it since my mini SD card broke -_-

Same here, I was happy to 100% it and really hope it gets a sequel.

I think you misspelled Fire Emblem: Three Houses as "Astral Chain". I couldn't get into it at all. Found the combat slow and clunky the world/characters boring and dull. Story was weak. Big eh from me and kinda salty that it seems Bayo 3 maybe took the back burner for this game. Just give me Bayo 3 already.

Thu Apr 09 20 01:04pm
Rating: 1

Funny I felt the complete opposite. I could not get into 3 houses. I couldn't even make it to the time jump. All the characters and teenagers at school BS...ugh really AGAIN?There has to be another story or setting people can pick for their anime characters. And I get MAX 5 lines of dialog from each house before it's making me pick between them and pledge loyality....what, why? Everything about the intro to that game just instantly turned me off from the experience. Maybe it would have gotten better but I was not going to stick around to find out.

Meanwhile from minute 1 Astral Chain had my adrenaline pumping with slick visuals, combat, and characters. But hey, different strokes.

Thu Apr 09 20 03:12pm
Rating: 1

I haven't played Three Houses. Just haven't gotten the to get around to it, really.

But I disagree a lot here. I think the combat is not clunky at all. It's actually very fluid. Mind you, this is not a Bayonetta game so of course the combat and game in general will be different. I think the combat, with controlling both your main and the Legions was dar smooth, crative and very exciting. I loved the story, but a sequel is welcomed of course. The music and atmosphere etc. But to each their on, of course.

Bayonetta 3 obviously needed more time. Platinum have said so themselves. I am prbably the one most exited about this game I know, but I can sure be excited that they might be taking a different approach in development but still keeping it Bayonetta (and Platinum, of course).

I'll probably jump through the roof when I finally get to see footage. But still very happy we got Astral Chain.


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