Minecraft creative director says he "can't imagine there will ever be a Minecraft 2"

Spin-offs, but no sequel

Minecraft is one of the most successful games of all-time. The game is continually updated with new content that keeps players coming back for more. One thing we haven't seen is a true sequel, which is usually a given for successful games. According to a Game Informer interview with Minecraft’s creative director Saxs Persson, it seems unlikely that that sequel will ever come.

“I cannot imagine there will ever be a Minecraft 2. We've done a lot of soul searching. Unequivocally, we're the Minecraft studio, and we've chosen to embrace that. But we have, over time, realized how flexible the envelope of Minecraft really is ... We've always been passionate about making more than a single game, but we never wanted to do a sequel. We're much more interested in taking that spark of creativity and applying it to other genres within the universe of Minecraft.”

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I gotta say, I can't imagine what a sequel to Minecraft would look like either. Could be a lack of imagination on my part, but I can't help feeling that if they made enough changes for it to be worth calling a sequel, then it just wouldn't be Minecraft anymore, so what would be the point?

Now I'm trying to think what other games I think about in that way, and I'm struggling to come up with any...

I was about to comment the same thing

Minecraft seems in the same spot as Tetris. There can be variations but seems unlikely the foundation could be shaken that much.

I think Pacman is another, since it did try a lot of things, and it stumbled at making Pacman 2 an entirely different type of game.

I think Megman is one of the most consistent videogame series, since despite spinoffs, Capcom has been able to work sequels into every branch of that series.

Wait a minute.




...............Minecraft has a creative director?

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