Secret of Mana gets a ridiculously gorgeous fan-made animated tribute


There was a time when the Mana series was dormant for years and years, but we're certainly not living in that era now. Square-Enix has embraced the series with Trials of Mana, Collection of Mana, and interest in a new installment. Of course, none of that would have happened without the original, Secret of Mana.

What better way to pay tribute to the classic than with an animated tribute? The video above was put together by Benoit Tranchet, and he's created something truly special. This feels like a high-quality intro you would have seen in the early Playstation days. Man, I'd love to see more games do something like this nowadays.

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Very impressive, even though I really don't like the character designs.

The style is jarring compared to the original, for sure. Sometimes you just can’t overhaul a look

It is very impressive as anart but I agree I would not like this style in a real Mana game.
That being said it seems Square themselves are not sure how to transition the Mana style in 3D. The remake of Trials of Mana is a very cool game, but if there is only one thing I would criticize about it, it would be the character designs. Way too fanservicy and overall cheap, not the right kind of shounen look. You can see that some of it is great but some other just fall short. They need to go back to the designs of Legend of Mana for example to find inspiration for a more artsy and creative look for the series.

To say that the Trails of Mana remake's character designs are way too fanservicy is to say that the SNES version was the same way, because the new designs are based directly on the old designs. Also not sure how you get "cheap" out of that. The key art for the remake is phenomenal, and the in-game models are an excellent interpretation of their SNES counterparts.

It's one thing for it to just not be your thing (like the way we feel about the designs in this fan-made piece), but to cut it down like that makes me question your ability to adequately critique artwork.

I never said they weren't faithful to the original.
However I think there is no need to explain how some amount of fanservice appeared a lot less in your face in a 2d game than in a 3d high definition game. And yes, even though it is being faithful to the original, the transition to 3d and hd and cutscenes makes it appear different in that respect from the source material. I know it seems counter intuitive that something being faithful to another representation of itself ends up making it feel different in the end, but that's not a first (Link's Awakening out of the top of my head) and that's what transitionning to another "vocabulary" so to speak can do. So my point is not that's it is not faithful, my point is that it should have been less faithful in that regard. Also I know it is faithful to the original artwork, but the fact remains that the original artwork was never ingame so the impact of said artwork on the tamosphere of the game was minimal.

I think it is a possibility that this whole point was why they opted for classier artwork with Legend of Mana or more recent titles because they knew more prevalent artwork, or even 3d models would appear different if they kept the very shounen 101 look Seiken 2 and 3 had.

Anyway, of course it is a personaI point of view, I am being subjective and of course the fact that I don't like fanservice makes my criticizm harsher. As to your last sentence, i'm not even sure, are you an elitist or something ? There is no such thing as an adequate way to appreciate art. You can judge I'm being unreasonable in my way of seeing things all you want but it's very different from just flat out saying I don't have the ability to critique something lol.

It has merit to try and and do something so Nickelodeon with a source material so japanese. This is amazing work o_O

Don't kid yourself. The Mana series is still dormant. A terrible remake, a collection, and a decent remake are not the series coming out of dormancy. At best we'll probably see a couple more remakes and nothing new.


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