Nintendo welcomes Dixie Kong to Mario Kart Tour with a special trailer

Welcome, Dixie!

Dixie Kong is making her playable debut in the Mario Kart series with Mario Kart Tour, and Nintendo thought that was worthy of a celebration. That's why they put together a trailer to showcase just how Dixie got her start, and also show off some of her Mario Kart Tour action. Check out the special trailer above!


The Donkey Kong Country series holds a special place in my heart and Dixie is one of my favorite characters, but the cynic in me says this goodwill isn't going to translate to future mainline Mario Kart entries. They've abandoned Diddy ever since Mario Kart Wii for no real good reason, and no, I don't buy those bogus Diddy Kong Racing 2 rumors.

This just feels like a ploy to bait hardcore gamers into giving this scummy mobile game a try with shiny new toys they will never implement in the actual games.

Was awesome of Nintendo to give Dixie a special history lesson trailer. Really seems like Nintendo is FINALLY embracing Rare's characters this generation. Dixie, Diddy, and Funky all in Mario Kart. K.Rool and Banjo in Smash Bros.

Hopefully all of this is leading to a new DK game soon with Kremlings, Dixie Kong in Smash, and more DKC character cameos in future Mario spin-offs. Oh and hopefully it means more of Rare's characters showing up at Super Nintendo World's DK section.


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