Fans turn Sonic 3D Blast into a classic 2D Sonic experience

A new/old way to play

Sonic 3D Blast was quite a wild departure for the Sonic series back in the day. A sort of precursor to where Sonic would be heading in the future. It was met with a mixed reception when it originally launched, which lead many fans to wondering just what the game would have been like if it stuck with the traditional 2D approach. Now those fans need wonder no more.

Independent developer Sotaknuck has taken on the massive project of translating Sonic 3D Blast into 2D, which has given birth to Sonic the Hedgehog 3D in 2D. Sonic 3D Blast has been faithfully recreated in a side-scrolling perspective, and some of Sonic friends have been thrown in for good measure. The trailer above certainly shows off a game that looks quite faithful to both the level themes of 3D Blast and the tried-and-true gameplay of classic Sonic.

SEGA is usually very good with Sonic fan-made games, so this one will probably exist without any issues. You can check it out here.

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I tried to play Sonic 3D Blast a few times, I quit after 20 minutes every time, I definitely don't like it but in 2D looks pretty good

Wish this was a rom file. I'd load it up on my Mega Sg.

Wed Jun 03 20 02:32am
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I love the Genesis version of Sonic 3D Blast. I'm not getting any 3D Blast vibes from this.


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