Niantic reveals Raid invites and more for Pokemon GO

Two new features on the way

Niantic has detailed some of the new content heading to Pokemon GO in the near future. Two features in particular were discussed; Raid invites and Stickers.

Raid invites let you invite friends to raid battles regardless of the friend's location. In the menu, a + button will appear in both public and private lobbies. When at a raid in person, you can invite up to 5 friends to join. Your friends can see this invite in their Nearby or with push notifications. Your friends will use a pass when the battle starts.

Along with that, Stickers are on the way. You'll be able to attack Stickers to Gifts that you send to friends. At first, you'll only be able to send one of five stickers, and you can only use them once. You can get Stickers by opening gifts, and then further down the road, you'll be able to purchase them.

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Fri Jun 05 20 02:23pm
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I wonder if that works with regular raid passes, and if you then can raid cross atlantic, if not at least for the triple candy bonus for trading.

That's what should have been made clear... which pass would be used. I have a bunch of the regular ones. It would be nice to be able to spend them with my friends from other cities.

Knowing Niantic, you’re probably required to use a remote raid pass, since you don’t get a free one of those each day.

You're extremely likely to be correct

Yeah more than likely it will still be remote passes if you’re not in person. I hope they will
Explain it more as time goes.


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