NDcube, the team behind Super Mario Party, handled Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics

No surprises there

When Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics was announced, many people figured that NDcube was going to be handling development. Now that the game is out and credits can be checked, that is indeed the case. NDcube took on development, and a number of people involved with Super Mario Party returned for this title. Check out the credits below.


Atsushi Nakao (Super Mario Party design director)

Design director

Takaki Kobayashi (Super Mario Party design director)
Makoto Eguchi (Super Mario Party game design)
Yuya Rokuyama (Super Mario Party game design)
Hiroyuki Seki (Super Mario Party game design)
Ryo Yokomizo (Super Mario Party game design)

Game design

Kunio Asahara (Super Mario Party game design)
Yukako Kawauchi (Super Mario Party game design)
Masafumi Ojika (Super Mario Party game design)
Yasuki Toyosawa (not involved with Super Mario Party)
Takayuki Ide (not involved with Super Mario Party)
Akihito Sato (not involved with Super Mario Party)

Chief program director

Tadao Shoyama (Super Mario Party program)

Program directors

Akira Matsumoto (Super Mario Party program director)
Atsushi Hamada (Super Mario Party program)

Chief art director

Takahiro Karino (Super Mario Party chief art director)

Art directors

Hidenobu Sasaki (not involved with Super Mario Party)
Ryoichi Okayama (Super Mario Party art)

Chief sound director

Ichiro Shimakura (Super Mario Party chief sound director)

Sound director

Yuhki Mori (Super Mario Party sound director)

Music director

Chamy Ishi (Super Mario Party music director)


Toshiki Aida (Super Mario Party music)


This game is great, but I can't believe there are only like 3 games for 3 players on the same screen. Some obvious games not included in that. So weird.

Nintendo really needs to put more focus on NDcube. Like make them develop IPs that are spinoffs like Wario Land.

Thats the last thing that needs to happen IMO. Clubhouse Games is fun and so was Wii Party but everything else ND Cube has done has been pretty bad. ND Cube has yet to make a truly great Mario Party game. They also made Amiibo Festival.

I want to see series like Wario Land return as much as the next guy but just have Good-Feel do it again. They did an awesome job with Shake It.

So then what would be the point of owning them. You're making it sound like NDcube is on par with Rare being practically useless with few hits here and there.

Being that its a studio owned by Nintendo, why not make it stand out rather than being a dusty one?

Rare useless as in now with Microsoft? Cause they were FAR from usless during the SNES/N64 era for Nintendo.

As for ND Cube. Im simply saying they arent talented enough to take on bigger more ambitious projects. Keep them as the yearly Mario Party and weird party/mini-game compilation company they already are. Why change what isnt broken? They have already ruined Mario Party beyond belief (6 crappy Mario Party games) dont want to see what they would do to other beloved Nintendo IPs...

Wario Land, Yoshi, DK Konga etc aren't exactly big and ambitious projects. Its also unfair to only let ND handle one IP alone. Clubhouse has done like a lot and that's something that Nintendo did before.

If Clubhouse turned out great, then there is certainly potential for NDcube is what I'm getting at. Limiting a dev for just one IP or so isn't a good idea. Heck, its the main reason why devs like Hal have slowly started expanding to newer IPs.

I don't know why Nintendo doesn't let Hal or Intelligent Systems handle the IPs but they should certainly let NDcube handle them given that they are owned by Nintendo.

Explains both the use of mosaic mode and the very poor online implementation.

And it probably means no DLC.

Sun Jun 07 20 04:08am
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Very cool. I own super Mario party and clubhouse games. Both are great, though I dislike the joycon requirement for 2 player in clubhouse games. In Mario party sure, but here it seems forced.

That was pretty obvious since the puzzle game was already in Mario Party 9 or 10 and Toy Baseball was in Super Mario Party.
I think ClubHouse Games is missing a hotseat mode, where players pass around the same console. ClubHouse Games for DS lacked it too. On the other hand, older games such as 4 in 1 Fun Pack for the original Game Boy and Ultimate Brain Games for the GBA do have a hot seat mode.


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