Dr. Mario World - content update for June 26th, 2020 (Version 1.4.0 available)

[Updates] The latest Software update for the game is Ver. 1.4.0, and it’s available now.


New items

New handy items that can be used to in stage mode will be added: Rainbow Start, Capsule Swapper. With the addition of these new items, the Capsule Blaster will no longer be useable. Any held Capsule Blasters will be converted into Capsule Swappers.

Screen Design Improvements.

Balance adjustments for the Daily Booster

Upward Adjustments for Doctor Skills

A Weekly Specialists feature has been added to versus mode. Each week, some doctors will be chosen as specialists!

You can now check various information before playing (Difficulty, Objects, Clear Conditions, Best Doctors)

In Versus Mode, your defense against your opponent’s attacks will now be displayed.

We added the following new option for continues in stage mode: Use diamonds x15 to add rainbow capsules x5 and resume playing

You can now add friends when you finish a match in versus mode

Certain other features have been improved.


[VS Mode] Season 3 of VS Mode is now live. It features some new tiers (up to tier 9 at 3 600 battle points. Whomp King, a battle-box-exclusive assistant you can’t get from staffing, can sometime appear in battle boxes in tier 9) (available until ???)

[Doctors] A New Doctor is now available: Dr. Baby Wario. A new Assistant has also been added: Yellow Shy Guy. (featured until July 2nd)

[Stage Mode] A new World has been added to Stage Mode: World 17. It features 20 new levels (Stages 641 to 660). Clearing those allows you to get the following as reward: Yellow Shy Guy (Assistant) (no end date)

[Issues] More issues have been confirmed:

An issue is currently impacting Versus Mode, causing the game to become sluggish. It occurs when many attacks are made during a single match (updated on April 29th)

When the game returns to the title screen due to communication errors, doctors’ skill meters will be unable to increase. If you tap OK on the error message, the issue will not occur. If you have encountered the issue, after restarting the application, doctors’ skill meters will start to increase again (added on June 26th)

If a skill is used at the same time as the stage scrolls while playing as Dr. Mario or Dr. Fire Mario, the position where the skill takes effect may be shifted (added on June 26th)

If the hammer or boomerang items are used at the same time as the screen scrolls, the position where the item takes effect may be shifted (added on June 26th)

The pointer mark that only displays on Weekly Specialists the first time may not disappear. You can remove it by pressing the x Button to close the page (added on June 26th)

When a Facebook account has been unlinked, the diamond reward may display even though they are not granted as a reward for linking your account after the first time (added on June 26th)

[Log-in Bonus] As compensation for the issue currently impacting VS Mode (with the game becoming sluggish when many attacks are made during a single match), all players can now claim the following as special Log-in Bonus: Staff Ticket x2 (available until July 10th)

[Events] A new Event is now live: Collect Clear Stars! While it’s running, you can receive various rewards by collecting clear stars (available until July 2nd, with rewards available until July 5th)

[Store] A new Diamond Sale is now live, with the following pack now available in the Store: Diamond x150 (100 + 50 Bonus) (available until July 3rd)

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