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Out of luck

Less than a week ago, we posted a story about select Wonderful 101: Remastered Kickstarter backers being upset about having to pay extra fees to get their physical copy of the game. This obviously only applies to certain regions in the world, but enough customers complained about the issue that Platinum has now responded. Unfortunately, it's not the response most backers will be looking for.

"A number of our UK backers have informed us that they’ve had additional taxes applied when receiving their packages. Although possible methods of alleviating this were considered, the tariff duties for different countries can be very strict and we made sure to comply with all corresponding legal restrictions. We are sorry for the additional charges, but it is clearly stated in the FAQ on the Kickstarter page that all physical rewards are shipped out from the United States, and that any applicable VAT or regional tariffs would be paid by backers."

As was mentioned in our original post, some backers claim that the FAQ page didn't originally include this information, and it was only added more than a week after the campaign started. If that is indeed the case, it seems there could be some wiggle room for customers to force a solution.


Fri Jul 03 20 05:35pm
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"-Research international shipping rates

We recommend researching any additional costs or fees involved with shipping items abroad. Take these into account when planning the cost of each reward and shipping it.

-Have you charged your backers the correct amount for shipping?

Will the backer be responsible for covering customs fees associated with shipping their reward abroad? If so, make this clear in the reward description and in your project description."

They should had said it in the description and on the reward page. I didn't get any customs fee here in france but they clearly miscommunicated. And if I'd knew that the game was send from the US I wouldn't had backed the project. I was lucky to not get extra fees but that doesn't change the facts.

I backed the game when the kickstarter went live, I already owned the game on wiiu, it's one of my most played game on it.
The switch port is great on handheld mode, didn't played it on tv mode yet because I like to be able to draw the signs with the joystick and touch screen. Played the steam version and it's good too but I've waited for my switch copy because it's a game you play multiple times to unlock everything. Even with all the problem with kickstarter I'll recommend the game.

Fri Jul 03 20 05:56pm
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This is standard in the UK and not for Kickstarter to point out. Anything coming into the UK that costs over £18 gets hit with vat, import duties and handling fees. That’s anything shipped from anywhere!

Most All countries have rules like those. Only exception I know of is within the EU itself, since shipment of goods should be free within the EU borders.


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