Another round of unlabeled Switch game SKUs hit GameStop

Here we go again!

Here we go again, gang. There's been rumors of a Nintendo Direct flying around the internet this week, and now we have GameStop giving people a reason to get riled up.

As you can see above, a round of unlabeled Switch game SKUs have hit GameStop's computer systems. This goes along with a notice that was sent to GameStop from Nintendo that talks about upcoming Retail Integration Services maintenance. Is this all going to amount to something, or will it just lead to heartbreak? Let's cross fingers and toes and hope something good comes of it.

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Fri Jul 10 20 05:53pm
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Alright finally here comes Metroid Prime Trilogy, Super Mario Remastered Collection, Breath of the Wild 2, and The Last of Us Demastered!

Huh.... you must be new here.

Definitely gonna be Eternal Darkness HD and F-Zero GX DX. /s

Don't forget Star Tropics 2, Star Fox 3, and Pikmin 4!

Don't forget Donkey Kong Country: Return of the Kremlings!

Oh yeah, thanks for reminding me! We can't forget about the Kremlings coming back! This is SO Nintendo's year!

There was a Star Tropics 2: Zora's Revenge.

Okay, make that StarTropics 3.

I dont believe in any of this anymore

Has anything ever come of this happening?

Sometimes, yeah, but the last time was in January so....

Fri Jul 10 20 09:23pm
Rating: 1

The kicker? ALL of them are Bakugan games.

Oh good, there will be at least four retail versions of Nintendogs HD.

'*yawn*. Just get on with that E# Direct and show me some Bayonetta 3 already!


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