GoNintendo Thought: How's your Switch holding up?

Like new or old and busted?

This should be a fun and interesting piece! Looking forward to what you guys have to share, and I hope it's good news! As always, thanks for reading.

It's hard to believe that the Switch has been out for nearly 3 and a half years now. Time sure flies when you're having fun, and that's exactly what I've been having with the Switch. While the system still has years to go, I would definitely put it in my upper echelon of Nintendo platforms. The system has been a phenomenal portal to new games and titles I missed out on, and its been fantastic for the local multiplayer fan in me. I obviously can't offer my final word on the system until it rides off in the sun, but so far so good when it comes to entertainment!

While the Switch has been top-notch in offering gaming goodness, some other aspects of the system haven't been as high-quality. There have been numerous complaints over the years of some hardware hiccups and issues, with some users having a really rough time of things. Obviously the biggest complaint over the years has been the dreaded Joy-Con drift, which Nintendo themselves have acknowledged, and are currently in the middle of a class-action lawsuit over. That's another story with its ending yet to be written, but there's no doubt the problem exists.

With the Switch having a decent amount of time under its belt, I thought now would be a good time to check in with those who've grabbed the platform and put some time in with it. Obviously I'm more interested in hearing from those who picked up a Switch in its first year, but all are welcome to share their stories. I'm out to see how the hardware is holding up for everyone, and if any major issues have cropped up. Of course, it's only fair that I kick things off by sharing input on how my own Switch is hanging in there.

I've had my Switch since the system launched back in March of 2017, so I've definitely put in ample time with it. There hasn't been a week where I don't fire the Switch up at least for a little bit. More often than not, its seen heavy usage over the 3+ year span that I've had it. Thankfully, I can say that I haven't experienced any Joy-Con drift issues. I used the Joy-Con heavily for a long time there, but then I switched over to a Switch Pro Controller, and that's been my go-to for most of the time since. Joy-Con are passed off to others for multiplayer, and they've definitely gotten a fair share of action, but remain perfectly fine for the time being.

While the Joy-Con are good, there are definitely some other minor issues that have cropped up throughout the years. Nothing that impacts my use of the system in any way, but stuff that is definitely worth bringing up. I'm curious if anyone else out there has experienced these issues.

First up is a problem that I'm sure a few Switch owners have dealt with. My Switch kickstand has pretty much given up on life. While it can still hold the system just fine and I play somewhat often with the Switch propped up on my desk, the kickstand itself loves to jump off the Switch when I touch it. That never happens when in use, but if I ever go to pull the kickstand out or push it back in, it usually just falls off in my hand. I can snap it back into place and it'll stay there until the next time I go to fuss with it. It's clear that the little nubs that hold it in place have been worn down, and they aren't doing their job anymore. Considering I switch out microSD cards multiple times each week, I'm guessing my kickstand sees more use than most. I can understand why its become so loose, but that doesn't make the situation enjoyable.

Then there's the much bigger issue with my Switch. Again, it hasn't caused any problems and the system still functions just fine, but it's scary nonetheless.

One day I went to power on my Switch and I noticed that a small chunk of plastic was missing from around the power button. I looked on my desk and found it sitting next to my dock. I'm not sure how it happened, but part of the 'shell' of the Switch decided to expel itself from the unit. That gives me a bird's eye view down into the Switch and its inner workings. Not exactly something I want left open to the outside world! Just seeing that happen has had me worried that the rest of the shell is going to start to flake off, but so far so good. I just used the piece of scotch tape you see in the image above to hold the plastic in place, and all's well.

If I had to guess, this issue probably popped up because of how I use the Switch. I never put my Switch to sleep. I always go for a complete shutdown, which has me holding the power button for 8 seconds. The Switch is almost always in its dock when I'm doing this, so I'm using a considerable amount of pressure to hold the button down. After three and a half years of doing that, I would imagine that I ended up weakening the plastic around that spot on the Switch. Obviously things shouldn't be this way, and I wish the Switch was a bit sturdier at this point. That said, I can see how my repeated strain might have lead to the issue. Again, something I understand, but I'm not happy about.

Outside of those two issues, my Switch is alive and kicking. It works just like it did on day one, the Joy-Con still slide on and off without issue, and everything else is in tip-top shape. I'm thinking that's how things will continue on from here on out, as long as I haven't jinxed myself by saying that!

What issues have you had with your Switch? Has it been in pristine shape since day one, or have you been plagued with issues? Share your stories and let's see how things are holding up!

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Thu Jul 30 20 10:04pm
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Not too well. Hinge on the system's Right-Joycon connector snapped after half a year, so when I play in handheld the Right Joycon can slide right out. Mainly stuck with the Grip in TV Mode because of this, but last year my Left Joycon started drifting. Happened with my girlfriend's Switch right around the same time too. It makes me think that the drift is directly related to how long ago the system was made, and we both got ours on launch day. Still holding out hope for a Switch Pro!

My original Switch got beaten up so bad through regular use that I had to send it in to Nintendo for repair after 9 months. I mostly only sent it in because the grill over the fan intake was just COMPLETELY gone at that point, after slowly cracking and falling away for months. The analog stick on my right joycon also got damaged, and the locks came loose after about six months.

After it got repaired, the plastic mostly held up better, although my second set of joy cons AGAIN began to come loose after about six months.

Last December I decided to buy myself the new Switch revision, the special Walmart bundle with the free Mario case and red joycons. I treat it with EXTREME care and always keep it in the Mario case, and...it is holding up much better. Way fewer scratches on the case, joycons still lock, but that’s entirely because I treat it very carefully now, not like I would past Nintendo consoles or most other portable devices.

Overall, it feels like corners have been cut here, although I think Nintendo’s consoles have been getting less durable since the DS.

I’ve had my Switch since launch day and it has seen heavy use. It’s rare that I miss a day without firing it up. I’ve had zero issues with the console itself. No plastic breaking, warped frame, or kickstand issues, although I never use the kickstand. However, I’ve experienced drift with both of my left joycon. I simply bought some replacement sticks (less than $5 a piece), swapped them out, and haven’t had an issue since. That was well over a year ago. I’ve got a couple spare sticks for when the replacements start to drift, because eventually they will. It’s sad to see so many people buy new joycon or put up with the drift when they are so easy to fix. I also experienced drift with the Pro Controller. That’s much harder to fix so I ended up buying a new one.

Fri Jul 31 20 01:21am
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Your experience mirrors mine in every way, except that I sent my joycon in for repair to NOA (yes before the pandemic).
I find that if you A) keep the Switch docked or in a case at all times, B) put a good screen protector on it day one, and C) don’t bend/stress the poor joycon back and forth while playing handheld — then you’ll be fine and the switch is very durable, even compared to previous Nintendo portables.

Come on people, hinges were the root of all evil. At least we don’t have a hinge anymore.

For me, the back of my switch's plastic cracked, and I had to use a tape piece to hold it onto the system so it wouldn't expose the vent. Scared the shit out of me but besides that, it's been fine. My joy-cons all drifted a while ago so I had to repair all of them with NOA, but I expected that from their shitty build quality (also had two joycons break from the little latches that hold it with the system coming off)

...That being said, at random my right joycon in handheld disconnects despite being on the actual system, and I have no freaking idea what causes it. It drives me nuts and confuses me, since it's still firm on the system, and all the buttons on the thing don't work when it decides to disconnect... Yet when I use sleep mode and turn it back on it acts connected again wtf

I'd love to know how to fix that or what's going on. Whether it's my gray joycon from 2017 having a very picky connector, or even worse, my fear that it's the holding system itself on the switch...

Thu Jul 30 20 10:52pm
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My original Switch had the drift issue. That was a hassle.

My replacement has been fine, with no real issues to speak of at all, but if I'm honest, my main complaint with the Switch would be how little I play it. After BotW and Galaxy, the software's just been lacking for me. I'm kind of surprised that I put in 135+ hours into New Horizons, because I didn't really love it. But besides that, there's not been much. I have about three times as many Wii U games as I do Switch.

Honestly, at this point, the Switch has just become my Ring Fit machine. I know I'm in the minority, but I would have thought with Nintendo going whole hog on Switch and focusing on only one console, we'd get a super library. As it stands though, I've had more enjoyment with 3DS/Wii U than the Switch.

I guess what I'm trying to say is: "When is Bayonetta 3 coming out?"

EDIT: To be clear, I'm not saying the library is bad. I'm just personally disappointed that it's not better.

Mine is in great shape... to be fair, I don't play it religiously like some people do... I can go days between playing. The left joy-con has started that drifting thing though, which I don't ever recall seeing until I played Turok... which wasn't that long ago. That said (and maybe I'm just going crazy, but) the drifting seems to have gotten better with the last update... maybe they fixed it?

Launch Switch, never dropped it.
Might have to do with grabbing switch from middle instead of joycons when docking/undocking, or custom back, or the heat that my Switch produces now.

Mines a launch day console. Joycons had major drift, so i sent them in for free repair right before the pandemic hit. Worth it. My kickstand still works but it just isnt good.

I’ve had my Switch since launch. The issues I’ve ran into was that it was bricked when they released a patch (6.0 If I recall correctly). I had left my Nintendo dock at Home and used a Nyko dock to play at work. The patch combined with the Nyko dock bricked my switch and I had to send it in for repairs (took about a week and a half and $100) and they couldn’t retrieve my saved data so I lost my XBC, Zelda BotW save data along with other games saved data. I also had to send in my original grey joycon to be repaired due to drift about a year ago. I’ve not encountered no other issue And my system has light scratches on the back (I’ve always had a glass screen protector on mine) and wear and tear marks on the grey joy con. Still running great and I plan on Continuing to use it until they release Switch Pro/2.

Aside the left joy con not click drift, the rest of the console is in good shape. I am unemployed right now so no way of changing it anyway soon but I still have my Pro Controler and is working as good as the first time.

I've had mine since launch and it's still fine, outside of some infrequent drifting on the right Joy-Con, but since I mostly play docked and with the Pro Controller, it doesn't really affect me much. I don't use it as often as some of the people here, but it still has many hundred hours of use and it's still working just fine.

Had it since launch, absolutely have Joy-Con drift in my left launch Joy-Con (sometimes the right but not as bad). I briefly fixed it, but it is acting up again. I use my Pro Controller 99% of the time but I do play ACNH handheld sometimes while watching stuff to do daily things.

In docked mode, my Switch overheats with most games unless I have an external fan blowing on it. I tried cleaning out the vents and making sure nothing is blocking it but it overheats with pretty much any 3D game now (VNs and pixel games seem to be okay, and some games last longer than others before turning off). Having a fan blowing on it does the trick but it sucks. I can't really afford to get a new Switch and can't repair it right now anyway.

Mine is in near perfect condition. Never experienced joy-con drift on either of my two sets. Had a screen protector on since day one.

The only wear and tear is the rubbery bit to the base of the kickstand.

Fri Jul 31 20 05:30am
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Just to say it but the original model had a different kind of plastic for early launch. So it could perhaps explain why some would experience the crack of some of the plastic.

Later versions fixed that especially the one with the better battery life.

I had the original model for like a year and then gave it to my bro and bought myself the revised one. Its still in perfect condition except the former which has some hairline scratches here and there but nothing visible.

Worth pointing out is when I use it docked, I don't leave it on the dock but instead take it out and put it in a good case.

That is some real shoddy build quality on Nintendo's part. This would never have happened in the likes of the NES, SNES, for sure, N64, GC and even Wii eras.

Fri Jul 31 20 08:05am
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This might take a while...

I got mine on launch day over here in the UK. I've never bought a console at launch myself before.
It's easily the worst built Nintendo console that I've ever owned, primarily with the joy cons themselves.

I had issues with controllers within the first 4 or so months of the Switch. I had the usual issues like joy con drift, weak or limited battery life but also the lights that tell you if it is player 1, 2, 3 or 4 die too. I've had calibration issues with the sticks, motion, trigger buttons stop working due to faulty springs, the joy con rails wearing down, random bluetooth disconnects with the joy cons, all kinds of problems!
This has been constant all the way up to today. Repairs have been free, postage and all since launch in the UK. My Switch was out of warranty a long time ago but they must know that the hardware is highly flawed so they continue to fix it for free, no matter what the issue is despite the staunch stance on 1 year or repairs that used to reference for the first 2 or so years of the Switches life (maybe this was a holdover from the better built 3DS and Wii U).
A while ago after one of my semi-regular times of sending them in for repair they sent my controllers back in a box designed to hold the joy cons, so I've kept that box to use in the future, to save me buying a new jiffy bag (costs £1) to send them in each time.

Now for the system itself.
I do have greater issues with my kick stand than I used to and I have only taken my Micro SD card out a few times since launch but even so, it's almost completely worn away and falls off easily.

I had my Switch die completely back in September 2017 and Nintendo hadn't allowed transferring data to new Switches yet so all of my data was deleted (even the total play time) except for pictures and videos, which must have been stored somewhere else.
They had replace the back of the Switch as it was seriously messed up. So now the back of my Switch says 2017 rather than 2016, like the launch models do.
I still haven't played back through Breath of the Wild as at the time I was close to finishing the 1st set of DLC and have yet to see the 2nd set of DLC. I went back to most of the other games that I lost the save data for.

Since then the main system itself has been fine. I've had the occasional crash and weird issue but they are all software/OS related.

The controllers are still the worst thing, by far.

Launch system, it's in good shape. I walked my play table top or switch out my micro SD card a the kickstand is fine. I've had drift in two of my left joycons the last six months, basically unusable. Only other issue is sometimes it takes some readjusting when putting the switch in the dock for it to go on the TV. Hopefully there won't be further issues with it connecting or charging.

My launch console is just fine. I always had a disconnect problem with my joycons when they were detached but I usually use a Pro Controller so it's a non-issue. No scratches. No broken parts. Nothing

I got mine on December 2019, I was lucky a friend's friend got one for me, but I wasn't lucky enough to get the aforementioned Walmart bundle.

So it's in very good condition, it's only a little bit dusty, like the rest of my consoles and amiibo figures (I live in an area where it gets very dusty real fast).

Fri Jul 31 20 06:44pm
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Launch version. Play mostly in docked, but sometimes in handheld/table top. Just now have I gotten drift in the left Con. Apart from that it's in perfect condition =)

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