Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit to come in Mario and Luigi versions

Mario and Green Mario!

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit was announced earlier today, which brings the Mario Kart series to the real world using the Switch and a physical Kart toy. While Mario was obviously the focus of today's video, the official assets released for the package show that there will be a Luigi version available at launch as well. No matter which version you go with, the cost remains the same at $100.

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I just need the opening of pre-orders, I'm fine with everything else!
Grab my money already, Nintendo!

I want to know if the drivers can be removed...

Thu Sep 03 20 01:01pm
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Time to make a death stare luigi mod!

This is AWESOME!!! I'm glad for those who can afford it Smile

Shall I send you videos of me playing this? Smile

I jest, I jest!

Please do, man Smile
I knew I could afford one game at the end of the year and it's gonna be Sunshine HD, with 64 and Galaxy as a bonus hehe. So if you send me videos of you playing I can live vicariously through you

Thu Sep 03 20 09:13pm
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I'll even make my own Youtube channel with me drinking bee, listening to metal and playing video games.

I'll be rich! ....... Or not.

P.S: Looking for Sunshine for the GC.

I really hope you forgot the r in beer hehe
Bees are in danger ;)

I'd watch your channel, by the way Smile

Fri Sep 04 20 07:22pm
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YEah that was supposed to be beeR. I ahve a hunch that drinking bees is a lose-lose situation, so I'll drop that.

I'll let ya know when my channel is ready. It'll be epic!


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