Super Mario All-Stars "SNES Vs. Wii VC Vs. Switch" comparison

Looking sharp

Super Mario All-Stars made its way to the Switch earlier this week, giving us another chance to check out some revamped NES classics. Let's take a look at how this SNES title looks in comparison to the Wii Virtual Console and Switch versions in the video above.

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The Switch looks identical to the Wii to me, just slightly brighter.

You watching the video at 1080p? Its a significantly higher resolution, making it extremely sharp, and its not even comparable. It's not even just a "its my opinion"; it objectively is much cleaner.

I was watching on my phone. I know they are running higher resolution on Switch.

That video comparison is misleading anyways. It says 1920x1080 for the Switch versions...which is impossible considering they’re 4:3 aspect ratio.

It's not noticeable on a phone, but the Switch version is much cleaner, while the Wii version is fuzzy, due to the composite video cable of the console.

I'm suprised that the version of SMB1 in this game is pretty much the only remake the game got, or am I wrong?

All of them were remade.

My bad, my post was confusing. I meant that we saw ANOTHER remake of Mario 2 and 3 in the Advance games but we never saw a SMB1 remake again

Super Mario Bros DX was sort of a remake/enhanced port. It was neat!

But if you think about it, the string of GBA titles and SM64DS are the only remakes that Nintendo's ever done for any mainline Mario games, until this recent release of Super Mario 3D World for Switch.


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