Examining how different the games of Super Mario 3D All-Stars are from their original releases

What has Nintendo tweaked?

Is the Super Mario 3D All-Stars collection nothing more than just ports? We take a look at the evidence for Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, and Super Mario Galaxy on Switch to see whether that's really the case or not, based on in-game graphics, cutscenes, and the UI!


Was it even a question whether it was a remaster or not??

Side-note: people who wanted a remake of these games should have in mind that if they'd done that, it wouldn't be a collection of 3 games for $60, it would be 3 different releases for $60 each

Mon Sep 07 20 09:30pm
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I don't know, the Crash Trilogy and the Spyro Trilogy both managed to overhaul the graphics of their original games while keeping the collection price at $39.99. The Crash Trilogy even went a step further and re-added cut content, along with adding new levels to the original games. Tony Hawk Pro Skater 1+2 greatly overhauls the visuals, adds new tricks, skaters, while adding online multiplayer. That’s priced at $39.99 for the standard and $49.99 for the digital deluxe. I’m not saying that’s the industry standard, but I can understand why people are frustrated with Nintendo’s lazy handling of Mario’s 3D collection while also slapping a premium price tag of $59.99.

If I wanted to play the original Mario games in HD, Mario 64 and Galaxy are both on the Wii U e-shop right now for $9.99 and $19.99 respectively.

I would gladly pay $60 for a remastered Mario Sunshine that fixes some of the game's shortcomings vs $60 to play 3 games I already own, just on my switch.

First, there is a big difference between the most famous mascot of video games and three series that had a few good games 20 years ago and then went downhill really badly.

Secondly, if they believed their remakes would sell for $59.99, that's what they'd charge for it. They don't do it because they're nice. They do it because that's the most they can charge and actually sell.

Thirdly, the Virtual Console games on the Wii U are not in HD.

I would gladly pay $60 for a remastered Mario Sunshine that fixes some of the game's shortcomings

So would I

And finally, answer me this, will you buy this collection?

Tue Sep 08 20 01:57am
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See it’s that difference confuses me.

I actually agree with you, Crash, Tony, and Spyro have all sunk pretty low since those early days. But all are getting wonderful collections that have some serious thought, care, and most importantly effort. Not only are they graphically overhauled, but they also received gameplay updates, new content, and expanded features. While charging a price that is reasonable. For the amount of effort that goes into these remasters, I’m surprised they are as cheap as they are.

Then here comes Nintendo, Mario is a beloved mascot. 64 and Galaxy are generation-defining games. But instead of making any real meaning updates or changes, It’s the same game as before, maybe with a different graphic for a button prompt. For a limited time only, and at full retail price, $60. No Nintendo doesn’t have to be nice, and they are allowed to charge whatever they want for there product. However, that means they are also open to criticism, just like any company selling a product, especially one that’s beloved by millions. The treatment of “Video games most famous icon” seems to not do the series legacy justice. The collection comes off as lazy, since it's the same games you’ve been playing since 1996, 2002, and 2007. Just now it’s in HD and comes with a virtual music player. Additions I don’t feel justify the price for admission.

With all that said, for those who might have missed out on those original releases, this is probably the best version of at least 2 of those games. (I'm still not sold on the gyro replacement for galaxy's pointer, so I might have to get back to you on that one) But I still feel the collection as a whole is over-priced even for this percentage of players.

Will I be picking this collection up?

It’s not likely. I own all three games on original hardware, with two extra copies of 64 on Wii U and DS. The allure of 720/1080p is not enough to justify a purchase of games I already own.

Which Is a shame, since I like all three games quite a bit.

Another thing is that they had to make those games look modern and nice because they aged as well as a bunch of bananas. No one but the most rabid fans would give the collections a second look fi they were just remasters of what they used to be.

Mario on the other hand still looks really good in Sunshine and Galaxy. As for 64, it still holds up, though not as well, but it brings the pack together as a piece of preserved history.

You mentioned the price being too high, but you paid $10 for Mario 64 on Wii U and that was a darker-looking non-HD port. And Galaxy on Wii U is $20 and also not-HD. So, overall, this is actually better value for money than any other rerelease of these games.

I'm gonna play all 3 to 100% all over again and more than once, so I'll be getting over 100h out of this easily. Add to that my wife and son and this package, for me, is totally worth it Smile

P.S.: By 2026 we will have a new and more powerful Nintendo system in the market. Maybe then we'll get Super Mario 64 remade in 4k and being ultra-amazing

I strongly disagree with you on the standpoint of the collection being a good value. The collection is $60, it has 3 games, so very simply each game is worth $20. I don’t consider the music player to be worth anything as all that is an interface to access .mp3 or .wav files.

Let’s break this down per game.

Galaxy came out on the Nvidia Shield back in 2018ish. It runs in 1080p and costs 68 RMB, which converts to about $10 US dollars. Yes, it’s exclusive to China, but I bet Galaxy in this 3D collection is going to be built off this pre-established framework. Why would it not? All the work has already been done. But for the sake of argument let’s say it’s not and Nintendo just redid the work, fine. Why is Galaxy in this switch collection worth $20 while Galaxy on the shield worth $10. Don’t forget the shield release also came with a brand new Chinese localization of the game's text. Additional work for a game that’s priced cheaper than the one in the 3D collection.

You are correct I spent $10 on a version of Mario 64 that runs in 480p. However, I find it harder to understand that the same game is worth $10 more with a native 720p output. Yes, the game does have new button prompt graphics to match the switch's layout. But aside from that, again there are no additional upgrades or quality of life improvements anywhere else. No 16:9 support, it’s HD but not confusingly not 1080p, and as far as my ears can tell all sound effects are still compressed like in the original. You're paying $20 for Mario 64, a game that’s 24 years old, and the only difference is now it’s 720p and now it asks to press the “+” button, not that “Start”.

Lastly is Sunshine the odd one out in this collection. Personally I enjoy Sunshine quite a bit, but I know it’s generally looked down upon. For some reason, sunshine got a 16:9 update and it runs in 1080p. These are nice visual changes to the game. But, again, it’s the same game as it’s always been for better or worse. Because of how the Switch sees the Gamecube controller as a pro controller, this game is missing the pressure feature that was in the original release. Of the 3 games, this is the one that probably needed the visual touch-up the most. That said I’m far more forgiving of this one as its the only game in the collection that didn’t receive a digital re-release. While the game sorely needed tweaks to its gameplay, among a lot of other little improvements. That’s not what this collection offers, what it offers is Mario Sunshine, at 1080p for 20 bucks. It’s the only price I would be willing to accept. That’s about how much a PS2 game costs on PS4. However, even the original PS2 version of GTA San Andreas on PS4 (a game I consider way better than sunshine) is priced at $15, runs at 1080p, has a full digital manual, and got added trophy support.

Graphics aren’t the only thing that can be tweaked in a collection of re-released games. As I mentioned graphics were just one of many improvements that were added when the games were given a second life. Nintendo chose not to take that path and instead just released the games as they were, in a higher resolution. Personally, since this was their approach I wish they did what Sega did with the Yakuza collection. It was a collection of 3 games, Yakuza 3, 4, and 5. You could buy the collection digitally for $59.99 or you could just buy the individual game you wanted for $19.99. That way you aren’t forced into buying a collection of 3 and 4, if you only really care about 5. If Nintendo did this I would not be saying that I found the price tag of $60 unreasonable or too high. It’s because I would have to pay $60 and get all three games when I really only care about one. Oh, and that's ignoring the "better act fast" aspect of this collection because for some reason this is a limited time offer only available till March? Ridiculous.

With all that said, I do wish you, and your family has a good time with the release. Just because my opinion differs from yours, I also understand that people have emotional connections to games. So hopefully all my bellyaching hasn’t rained on your parade too much. I also appreciate being able to talk to someone with a differing viewpoint and not having them blow up in my face simply because we disagree. This has been a pleasant little debate. Honestly.

Lastly, I am awaiting the day Nintendo decides to make a console that can compete with Sony and Microsoft. Will it happen anytime soon? Who knows.

All right. I can see why the music player is not something for everyone. Personally, I love it Smile So yay for me, I guess hehe

I see your point as to the release of Galaxy in China being cheaper. However, that is mostly a brand new market for Nintendo. Their brand is not even close to being strong there and they have A LOT of gamers but that play free-to-start stuff. So Nintendo has to lower their prices to increase brand penetration. And there's also adapting to the reality of the market. Just one example, if you want to buy a brand new movie on Blu-Ray in the US they can launch at $30, but if you get that price and translate it directly into all the countries in Latin America you get something that barely anyone will actually buy. So a much closer frame of reference is the current rerelease of Galaxy which is 480p on Wii U for $19.99

Mario 64 is the one I agree is a stretch, but it's still an amazing game and a key piece in video game history. And while I agree the sounds seem to be the same as the original, we're also relying on YouTube for that and I don't trust YouTube for sound quality or frame rates.

Sunshine is the one that seems to have gotten the most attention while also being the first ever rerelease, so $20 is well worth it I believe. As for GTA on PS4, yes, they cost $15, but it's also their third release, and if you bought them on PS3 you'd have to buy them again on PS4, because reasons I guess.
I don't understand why Sunshine needs a visual touch-up more than 64... that really puzzled me.

One of the reasons I can see this being a temporary collection is that they will be available individually later. But considering it is selling extremely well (2nd best-selling game of the year on Amazon US), people seem to want the package.

I am not a fan of the time limit. I'm from Brazil and we're struggling here with COVID-19, the insane president and all the problems we had before. So this time-limit kills me. And if my family weren't gonna play as well I couldn't even consider adding it to the budget.

Don't worry, mate. I've been called so many things by people close to me that it takes a lot to ruin my fun ;)
It has certainly been a fun back-and-forth and because it's so opinion based (it's perceived value after all) we're both right Smile

Lastly, I am awaiting the day Nintendo decides to make a console that can compete with Sony and Microsoft. Will it happen anytime soon? Who knows.

That I don't ever see happening. Affordability has been a great ally for them.

I don’t think SM64 or Galaxy run in HD on Wii U.

I don’t think Nintendo will ever fully remake / remaster SM64 in HD. The best they’ve ever done to their past Mario games was All Stars on the SNES and gave SMB, SMB2, SMB3 full generational upgrades from 8-bit to 16-bit.

But then again, they did a few remakes on the 3DS of big games like Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask and Starfox64. I think with SM64 they don’t want to mess with it but rather preserve it.

Tue Sep 08 20 11:57am
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I apologize, I was mistaken. SM64 and Galaxy run at a native 480p on Wii U. But since the Image is being transferred through HDMI they come out cleaner than when they went through composite. My TV always claimed It was receiving a 1080p signal when I played SM64 on Wii U so I just assumed that was its resolution.

While I agree with you on video game preservation, I find it even more curious that SM64 is being re-released with a 720p resolution. You would think If we are re-releasing a game from 96, we would do so in the highest-fidelity achievable on the hardware. You know, the 1080p the other two games are being presented in. Rare Replay has Banjo Uno and Two-o, Conker's Bad Fur Day, and Jet Force Gemmi all running at 1080p. So what’s the excuse for SM64’s 720p? Why is there no 16:9 option for SM64? How is it Rare Replay $30 with 30 games included, but Super Mario 3D All-Stars $60 with only 3 games?

Again, not to beat a dead horse, but this is a low effort collection of games, with minimal changes, and (IMO) an undeserved $60 price tag.

On an unrelated note, If I can get full HD remasters of those 3DS Zelda games, that would be pretty rad.

Mon Sep 07 20 05:28pm
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Wow, so by the logic in this video, I was playing a remaster of Monster Hunter World on PC last year? What a time to be alive. /sarcasm
Sarcasm aside, I'm not hating on this collection, I'm very happy these games are getting HD versions, with hopefully better framerates too, in the case of Sunshine.

I’ve come around to what this collection is and not what I hoped it would be. I paid £43 for the physical version and breaking it down to £18 each for HD versions of Galaxy and Sunshine and £8 for 64 is fair enough.

Still. It’s so, so disappointing that this isn’t the celebration of these games that it could’ve been. If they didn’t want to go crazy with improvements and wanted to do direct ports/emulations, OK. But they could have done something special with the package itself. Why not do what they did with the Prime trilogy and have a steel book/slip case and include an art book? Concept art, early music demos, commercials, developer interviews, all unlockable at different star/shine milestones for each game? This could’ve been a really great retrospective for these games and they really deserved that attention. What a shame!

Not saying that adding extra stuff would not have been nice, it certainly would have been. But at least they added the soundtracks, which, at least, I love.

I wasn't disappointed with what we got because I really did not expect them to remake the games (as I stated, they'd be $60 each instead). Just the fact that I can finally play Sunshine again after so many years is enough for me. I'm actually paying $80 for my collection because it's not officially in Brazil, but I'll be paying in 8 instalments of $10, so that's nice Smile
And, for me, it's $70 for Sunshine and $5 for each of the other two

This analysis shouldn’t be asking if they’re “ports” or “remasters” but rather emulated or ports. And they’re the latter.

Tue Sep 08 20 07:04am
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And Sunshine on GC is sold out everywhere now it seems =D


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