My Nintendo in North America starts offering multiple physical rewards

Hell has frozen over

The day has finally come. My Nintendo in North America is now offering physical rewards. Three surprise offers just turned up on the official site, and they include the following.

– Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Phone Ring Holder for 500 Platinum Points
– Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition Three Sheets of Stickers for 300 Platinum Points
– Splatoon 2 Postcard Set for 400 Platinum Points

All three items can be found here, and they're sure to go quickly. Lock in your orders today!

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!


Waaaa!!! This is great. Club Nintendo is back baby!

annnnd you need to pay 5 bucks for shipping

All I got was a page error. I guess this is US only and Canada is not included in North America again.

Just keep trying. It took me a while to get through but it eventually worked. You might still be in luck.

Same here, I guess Nintendo still forgets Mexico is part of (North) America.

I live in Canada and I get error so this must be US only. Everytime I try it is an error.

Tue Sep 08 20 05:21pm
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NOPE - you have to pay $5 shipping as well as $.39 tax.

Final cost for 'free' is $5.39.
What a joke!

For what they are I'll gladly pay that price.

Tue Sep 08 20 08:40pm
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I really wanted the phone ring holder, but it is already sold out. I got the Splatoon 2 cards instead. Love the designs. Hope the physical items continue to be a thing in the future. It makes me want to actually collect platinum again.

Wed Sep 09 20 06:07am
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I'd have hit up that Monado phone ring, but sadly I don't have nearly enough points now since I've apparently had 1,000+ points expire over the past few years. Friggin' hell, maybe if they actually had something worthwhile to actually spend them on all this time...

I still miss the old Club Nintendo. So much cool, free stuff!


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