Super Mario 3D All-Stars "Three Games in One Epic Collection" commercial

Launch day is almost here!

Relive three iconic Mario adventures - Super Mario 64™, Super Mario Sunshine™, and Super Mario Galaxy™ - in one epic collection with Super Mario 3D All-Stars on Nintendo Switch. Available only for a limited time starting September 18th.


Tue Sep 15 20 08:22pm
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That "Excuse me" will spur on some Zelda rumours for sure

Tue Sep 15 20 08:37pm
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Yeah, and it would make sense to release a Zelda bundle next year with Wind Waker HD, Twilight Princess HD and perhaps the long-rumored Skyward Sword.

Tue Sep 15 20 09:22pm
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I have to imagine that the effort it would take Skyward Sword to work with traditional controls would mean a full $60 Definitive Edition. I've been hoping that it is one of Monolith's side projects what with all their expansions.

Wed Sep 16 20 06:01am
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You are probably correct. An HD collection with Wind Waker and Twilight Princess would be swell though.


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