No, Super Mario 3D All-Stars doesn't include a legible version of the "L is Real" sign in Super Mario 64

L is real...real blurry

I thought I'd put together a quick video to show off the infamous 'L is Real' sign in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars version of Super Mario 64. If you were hoping that this version of the game would literally clear things up, that's unfortunately not the case.


Maybe I'm the crazy one, but it clearly says 'Eternal Star' to me. I know its a crazy thought in a game about stars underneath a statue of a star.

Wed Sep 16 20 06:23pm
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Is the embargo on this up the same day the game releases? I really want to know if they did anything to compensate for the lack of analogue triggers in Sunshine, and the different control options for SMG.

EDIT: Nvm, just saw that the embargo went up today.

Wed Sep 16 20 11:47pm
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L will always be real to me.

Another of those things they really should have done. Play with that “Luigi secret” in some fun way. Why the hell not? Lazy :/

Thu Sep 17 20 08:47am
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The same texture was used in Ocarina of Time and it's supposed to be nonsense. People are seeing what they want to see


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