Capcom shares new details for Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin (battle, monsters, visuals, and more)

A rundown of new details

Capcom revealed Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin recently, which is a follow-up to the 3DS original. A new round of details has come in from various Japanese interviews, and you can read a summary of those features below.

- the team is taking elements that were well-received from the battle system in Monster Hunter Stories, and elevating them
- there will be new mechanics that will be even more enjoyable
- there may be PvP info coming next week
- it's important the game appeals to a larger player base, as the first game was aimed toward younger players
- the team is making sure the narrative and the mechanics are clearly conveyed to the player through gameplay
- there are even more monsters to befriend in this game
- the team can’t say yet whether or not monsters from Rise will be in Stories 2, but there will be some sort of crossover content
- the game is described as an RPG and not an action game
- players will be able to jump into Stories 2 without needing to play the first game
- a lot of consideration went into the visuals and design of the characters, including their new, different proportions
- the decisions were primarily to make the game appeal visually to more players.
- more details about the battle system will be announced soon


Wed Oct 07 20 04:45pm
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It's pronounced "Rue een". Stewie knows what I'm talking about.


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