RUMOR: Super Mario 3D All-Stars may have broken a U.S. record for 3D Mario sales

Let's crunch some numbers

The NPD results for September 2020 showed that Super Mario 3D All-Stars debuted in the second spot on the charts, losing out to Marvel's Avengers. The thing is, when you take a closer look at the data, there's a much different story going on here.

First up, the data for Marvel's Avengers includes digital and physical sales combined. With Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the NPD position is based on physical sales only. That makes Mario's second place finish much more impressive overall!

Along with that, more specific NPD data has apparently leaked. That gives us some actual numbers to work with.

In the case of Super Mario 3D All-Stars, the total physical U.S. sales for September 2020 reportedly sit at around 1,165,000 units. The game managed to sell that total in about 2 weeks' worth of time. The previous record-holder for U.S. launch month sales goes to either Super Mario Galaxy (1,120,000 units in 3 weeks) or Super Mario Odyssey (1,100,000 units in 1 week), depending on how you want to look at things. Obviously digital sales were a factor for Odyssey and not Galaxy, and we don't have the data on how many digital units were sold.

Super Mario 3D All-Stars had a huge retail debut, but there's no doubt the digital numbers have been insane as well. The weekly charts showed the game sitting at the #1 position for every single week, so it was definitely pulling in big numbers. If we knew those digital numbers and could add them into the physical NPD total, there's very little doubt that Super Mario 3D All-Stars would be the new record-holder for a 3D Mario title when it comes to debut month sales.


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Fri Oct 16 20 05:05pm
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Bittersweet sales. One hand it shows Nintendo can do the minimum when rereleasing classic games and make bank, on the other hand it also shows that there is such demand and love for these games that they deserve better treatment from Nintendo than what they got.

This next financial data release will be awesome to see. May main three questions are:
SM3DAS sales
Animal Crossing sales compared to MK8D, Battle of the Evergreen Kings
Switch hardware sales

In addition to that, I also want to know how well did The Origami King fare. I predict it will top 1 million units, but it will be below 1.5 million.

True! I also believe it surpassed 1 million. It's not a series that sells super well in general. The best selling one is still Super Paper Mario if I'm not mistaken

Fri Oct 16 20 05:05pm
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Bittersweet sales. One hand it shows Nintendo can do the minimum when rereleasing classic games and make bank, on the other hand it also shows that there is such demand and love for these games that they deserve better treatment from Nintendo than what they got.

Fri Oct 16 20 05:36pm
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Disney remakes in live action syndrome.

That's not really a good comparison as those involve taking something and remaking it in a way that makes it worse than the source material. If you had to compare it to something maybe it'd be better to say it's more like a blu-ray collection of the original Star Wars trilogy that has all the movies but no special features.

Nan that’d be more like if they took Super Mario Bros. and remade it using the New Super Mario Bros. engine.

That said, apart from Mulan, I’ve though the Disney “live action” remakes were good (not great). Live action in quotes because there’s little live action about the cast of The Jungle Book or The Lion King ;)

I suppose, but seems a bit wasteful, only time will tell if anyone will be inspired by those movies. I mean whenever something is remade it usually tells a new story with the essence of the original idea.

I think more to my point was how nostalgia is a safe bet nowadays, since people are more eager to spent on something that could revive old happy memories than something new.

Sat Oct 17 20 06:49am
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I know a heretic who thinks the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast surpasses the original, and I don't know how old you are, but practically every person I know below 20 thinks the prequel trilogy in Star Wars is better than the original trilogy.

I disagree with both those opinions, but at some point you have to acknowledge that your opinion may not be the predominant one. Even if it is prevalent, it doesn't make it automatically right.

I don't mind the prequels, I found them as good popcorn movies as the originals who follow very closely the path of the hero. I think some Star Trek stuff hits more my sci fi itch.

I mean opinions aren't facts. I can have my own, and it's only the way you tell it which can be bad or wrong. In my opinion I think if Disney really wanted to tell these stories again in live action or more realistic animation it should have gone bolder. Tell it in a way that perhaps wasn't appropiate for a family animated movie. These are clearly aimed visually to an older audience, since most aren't soft, sweet nor colorful or inviting. Yet the movies, I think, want to be both the animated movies with a few things changed. (Generally speaking I know some attempt not being a shot by shot adaptation).

I'll just end by trying to be constructive, I'll reccomend after watching these movies to just give a chance to the broadway musicals, I'll like to hear if maybe those carry a bit more emotion or if the movies made the right decision to be more restrained and not as "cheesy."

I saw B&B on Broadway, but the seats were so far back it dampened the experience. What I could experience was good though.

I was just commenting because, maybe it was a misinterpretation on my part, but it felt like you were presenting your opinion as if it was commonly held, and then using that as a springboard for the point you were making, when I was questioning the premise in general. 😅

There are people in this very thread that were pleased with SM3DAS, and for me, as someone who wants more from these revisits of two classics + an experiment, these sales results are distressing because it tells Nintendo they don't have to make much of an effort when they take advantage of nostalgia.

Don't worry is hard to tell the tone of comment through only text.

My stance with the SM3DAS is that your mileage will vary in regards to the price, since it mainly brings the games back with small touches to accomodate them on the Switch. The limited run seems inexcusable since that'll feel bad with any game. It feels bad even with online only games that become unusable after the servers are taken out.

In regards to Nintendo's take with this collection, what feels weird to me, is that they have set the precedent to at least add extra wrinkles to their rereleases, like new content, characters or some new way to play. In that sense regardless of visual updates IMO it feels a bit barebones for them to don't add a personal touch to the collection. My expectation was at least a cool menu, like with the Megaman and Kirby collections. Which aside from art and music had little extras like challenge modes.

The Kirby Collection was had so much personality in its UI and retail packaging. Also, I think it came with two episodes of the old cartoon IIRC.

The Megaman collections had challenges and achievements and extra modes, and something I really love as a Japanese speaker: a very large gallery/museum where I could go read the original manuals and read the comments on the original art. Playing the 3 SM3DAS games in Japanese was the only appeal for me to pick it up. I still have all those games in other forms, and I could go emulate the JPN versions, but having upscaled in one package all in Japanese was enough for me to pick it up, as it will be even if an LoZ Collection is bare-bones.

But as someone who associates Nintendo with quality and a high-degree of polish, I expect more from these collections. And I don't want Nintendo to make moves like Pizza Hut did in the 90s with the Big Foot pizza, which is make something of lower quality and, despite the large popularity of said item, tarnish the brand.

When it comes to the OT or PT in Star Wars I think it comes down to which trilogy you saw first. It’s understandable that a younger generation saw the PT first. Same happens with game series. You tend to hold a greater fondness for the first experience in a franchise.

As long as we can all agree that the sequel trilogy is pure garbage Smile

I’m in my 30s so you can safely assume I prefer the OT.

I'm in my 30s and I think that Episode 8 is the only Star Wars I really respected. 😅

I saw the OT in college and didn't really understand the fervor. Same for Indiana Jones 1 and 3.

Sat Oct 17 20 03:45pm
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Yeah, I agree. I think honestly a lot of the fervor and fondness with the franchise could also be attributed to the exposure of fans and references in other mediums. The cultural impact more than the movies themselves.

That's not to say they're bad, but I repetition of the same good and bad points I suppose has me exhausted and makes me wonder if the concept can still grow beyond the first movies the most vocal still fixate on.

Fri Oct 16 20 05:39pm
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Next year is Zelda's 35th anniversary and I expect we'll see Nintendo put out a similar collection, but yeah hopefully with some more bells and whistles compared to what Mario got. I'm fine with 3D All-Stars personally because the truth is just being able to play Mario 64, Sunshine, and Galaxy on Switch in a higher resolution but keeping the games pretty vanilla was all I wanted ever since the rumors went flying earlier this year. With Zelda, which is in fact my favorite game series, I admit I'll be hoping for more. Like no doubt a Zelda collection would have Ocarina of Time, and my hope is they'd include not just the N64 version but also a properly emulated version of the 3DS remake running in a higher resolution. I can see it happen as while Mario 64 DS might have had potential problems porting to Switch due to the game not being made with analog control in mind, OoT 3D had analog control right the get go.

Yeah Zelda's 35th might be tricky. It’s pretty plausible for BOTW2 to release next year which could satisfy the anniversary all on its own.
If they were to do a collection, I could honestly see it being Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword.

Fri Oct 16 20 06:26pm
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My guess on a "Zelda Collection" would be to include Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask (and ideally I'd like to see both the N64 originals, using similar emulation to what Mario 64 uses, and the 3DS remakes properly upscalled, as with Ocarina while the differences are mainly just cosmetic, Majora's Mask's remake on the 3DS was extensive enough that some people prefer the N64 original and some prefer the remake, so having both would be ideal) and the HD versions of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess that already came out on the Wii U years ago (only real change for those two is obviously there'd be no more touch screen menus but those were already optional to begin with).

They'd obviously only include Zelda games from the N64 and onward in a collection because you can already play Zelda 1, 2, and A Link to the Past via Nintendo Switch Online and Link's Awakening got a remake just last year.

EDIT: Oh yeah, and if a "Zelda Collection" also included a remaster of A Link Between Worlds then that'd be pretty cool.

I seriously doubt Zelda is going to get the same treatment as Mario for it's anniversary. While something is sure to happen, I don't see it being a collection. 3D All-Stars was a play on the original All-Stars, there isn't something like that to play on for Zelda (aside from a poorly emulated, not-for-retail gamecube collection). If what we heard about 3D All-Stars dev cycle only being 6 months is true, it really doesn't seem like this was planned out, and was rather something to pad out 2020.

Whatever they have planned for Zelda's 35 is probably a lot more focused. Here's hoping Monolith has been making Skyward Sword: Definitive Edition.

Doubt we will get a collection of those tbh. My guess will be both Wind Waker HD and Twilight Princess HD will be sold on Switch in summer 2021 for either $30 a piece or both bundled together for $60 while BOTW2 will be holiday 2021 title and that is Zelda's 35th anniversary along with maybe a Zelda themed splatfest and Zelda items in New Horizons.

Skyward Sword HD along with a new 2D Zelda title from Grezzo will probably be the 2022 yearly Zelda titles.

I don't think we'll be seeing TP and WW on the Switch. These remasters were always meant to be filler titles while we were waiting for Zelda U. If we actually get these, I would worry about BotW's sequel being delayed.

That said, I hope we get SS HD, as I never played it. And yeah, a 2D Zelda from Grezzo in 2022 makes sense, my bet would be on Oracle remakes.

I just don't want to see them try to push TP as a new game for the 4th console generation in a row. Especially not after the relatively weak sales TPHD got.

my bet would be on Oracle remakes.

As much as I've been wanting to replay those games, I don't think Nintendo will want to cut in Capcom on a remake. I would say ALttP but that's what ALBW was originally, so who knows, maybe something original?

I would definitely get TP again because I simply love it, but I understand you. TPHD came out on the Wii U's last year, after the NX was announced, so I guess its sales were reasonable for the platform it was on. Anyway, if Tokyo Mirage Sessions came to the Switch after its poor performance on the Wii U, anything can happen.

As for the Oracle games, would they really have to deal with Capcom? I mean, OoS/OoA are on the Virtual Console, and obviously Nintendo owns the rights for them.

TMS didn't do too hot on the Switch, either. Honestly though, I don't think Nintendo cared much, I think the point of it was to keep a healthy working relationship with Atlus going forward.

Super Mario RPG was also on the Virtual Console, and Square still has it's stake in that. We don't see any Capcom-created characters in Hyrule Warriors (though I still definitely see the ghosts of them). No Vaati costume in BotW, no Four Sword Amiibo drop. I assume there is some licensing issue, though I can't really prove it. Though if they are just willingly avoiding it then that doesn't paint a more optimistic picture.

On an semi-related note, I'd love to see the Oracles, as characters, show up again in some form in AoC or BotW2. Capcom can't own names that come from OoT, and they were kind of referenced in Wind Waker...

I guess it depends on what Capcom “owns”, if anything, from the Zelda games they helped develop. It’s possible Nintendo could remake the games and not have to involve Capcom at all depending on the contact and if any contact is even still valid today.

Capcom didn't "help" make those games, like Monolith has been doing, they actually made the games (through their subsidiary Flagship), with Nintendo publishing them. Though, funnily enough, the director of the Oracle games was Fujibayashi, the series current director, who worked at Capcom at the time.

I know that, but what we don’t know is the contact between Capcom and Nintendo around the ownership of the titles. It could very well have been a case of “here make these games and you can get some of the profits but we still own everything”

Like how Rare made the Donkey Kong Country games, but Nintendo retained all ownership of the properties.

I would think Capcom might have gotten some of the revenue from the Oracle games released on VC, but I could also see Nintendo being able to remake the games without any input from Capcom.

The difference is that while Nintendo embraced everything from the DK games and incorporated it into their own games, after Nintendo's falling out with Capcom all the original concepts and characters from those games have seemed to be off-limits. There seems to be either an inability or an unwillingness by Nintendo to go back to those games.

I don't know what people were expecting out of this. 10 years ago for Mario's 25th anniversary they slapped a SNES ROM on a DVD and sold it as a Wii game, so I didn't really expect more than the bare minimum out of this either. At least Super Mario All-Stars on Wii came with a booklet and soundtrack CD to make it feel more like a collector's item, but this had none of that.

Fri Oct 16 20 07:33pm
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How big of a role did scalpers play in this?

edit: I don't mean to discredit the game's sales, I just mean we all know a lot of people bought this in the beginning with the intention of reselling it at a higher price after March.

One million in one week...that's underwhelming. I'm sure it should have reached more.

Physical numbers don't represent the whole picture anymore.

It may have broken a record for a series that sells really well. Definitely underwhelming


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