Players who reach Level 100 and hold L in Super Mario Bros. 35 will gain the option to play as Luigi

It turns out that Luigi is in Super Mario Bros. 35! However, it appears that only players who have reached Level 100 will be able to play as him. More information regarding how to play as Luigi is still coming out, but it appears that eventually playing as Luigi is as simple as holding down the L button during the match pairing screen!

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I just reached level 100 yesterday but decided to take a litte break from the game. But the option to play as Luigi is neat.

I'm too dumb to get the timing. Tried 6 times... I guess I'll keep trying

I suppose it doesn't have the Luigi mechanics (higher jump, worse friction), right?

I really wanna try it, but I've got over 50 lives in Mario Galaxy and I'm not about to give them up


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