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Skapp's Kickstarter campaign launches today

Kick, flip, and grind on your phone
by rawmeatcowboy
27 October 2020
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Skapp is a pretty unique skateboarding game, as it uses your smartphone as a controller. If that sounds like something you'd like to give a go, you can help bring the game to Switch by supporting the official Kickstarter, which has launched today. Read the full rundown of the game below.

Bound Games is happy to announce that Skapp´s Kickstarter campaign is live now! Players can now join the campaign to support this original take on skateboarding using a smartphone and a PS4™.

Lots of stretch goals (some of them still unannounced) as well as a bunch of different tiers will be available to backers. Bound Games has set a funding goal of €15.000. Those who pledge €175/$207 will get a physical skateboard deck, whereas players who go for the ultimate tier, which stands at €239/$283 will get the chance to be drawn as one of the hands-on the game.

Skapp is the world's first skateboarding simulator in which you control your board performing the tricks with your phone. Test your skills by combining tricks, manuals and grinds as in a real skateboard in a game that pays tribute to skateboarding fans as it contains authentic brands, skateboarding cultural references, and no limits to recreate any kinds of tricks! Players can enjoy Skapp either with Android or iOS as a controller. The game features different levels adapted for all kinds of players, as well as a crazy story mode in which people's hands rebel against humanity.

The game has been developed by Bound Games as part of the PlayStation®Talents Games Camp initiative along with the help from the local business incubator Lanzadera. Skapp will be first available on PlayStation®4 at a date to be confirmed.


First simulator that uses your smartphone as a skateboard.
Discover a crazy story mode in which people´s hands rebel against humanity.
Skate through different levels adapted for all kinds of players.
Test your skills by combining tricks, manuals and grinds.
Complete missions in different difficulty levels.
There are no limits to recreate any kinds of tricks.
Free skateboarding mode included, as with all skateboarding games
Authentic skateboarding brands and culture.