IGN Video Review - Pokémon Sword and Shield: The Crown Tundra DLC

The second DLC in Sword and Shield's Expansion Pass puts your legendary monster hunting skills to the test in a fun but short-lived addition.


If you want to know the score but don't want to click on the video, they gave it

. I'm surprised.

Them complaining about low catch rate of legendaries...

(Blue) Me remembering tossing an ultra ball at Mewtwo and it not even getting in
(OmegaRuby) Me remembering tossing a Pokéball at Rayquaza and catching it

They seem to have it closer to the sweet spot now

To be honest, night time and dusk balls make catching Legendaries, or any Pokemon, easy. I haven’t used any Master Balls in my Shield game. I even caught one of the Regis with an instant quick ball.

That's true. That's why I use regular pokéballs to catch legendaries Smile

I don't own the expansions yet, but I've already got the 3 legendaries from the first and one Regi from the second ;)


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