GoNintendo Video - Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity hands-on impression

Thoughts on the full version of the game!

We've gotten some time with the final version of Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. Want to know how it's shaping up? Have a look at our gameplay footage and impressions!

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Mon Nov 09 20 02:21pm
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Thanks for the impressions. I played the demo and was really impressed how much like an actual Zelda game it felt. It seemed like they put in extra effort for Zelda fans to have that familiarity. I plan to get this game and play through it co-op with my equally excited wife.

One thing I haven't heard about was if there were any side-modes. The original Hyrule Warriors had an Adventure Mode that ended up being my favorite part of the game. It's not a deal-breaker for me if no such mode exists in Age of Calamity, but it would be a neat bonus.

I guess all of the side missions are supposed to replace the adventure mode and given how big the map is we could have quite a few side missions. They could also add something through DLC's.

My wife and I have been completely junking out on the Switch port of the OG version and man.. its some much fun. Sure its a lot of the same but there is something so soothing about that. We played the demo and loved just how different yet the same it feels. The combat is so much more nuanced and the environments are way more varied. We can't WAIT for this game!

I do hope there is a mode more akin to Adventure mode but if the side missions on the main map are it.. well, I guess that will be fine

Great video, RMC! This is the first video of it I have watched since the initial trailer as I want it to be as much of a surprise as possible. I didn't even download the demo as I know it will be a day 1 purchase.

I am super excited to play this. As a big DW fan since DW3 on PS2, I cannot wait.

The original Hyrule Warriors is fantastic, although I also thoroughly recommend Dynasty Warriors 8 XL on the Switch if you're looking to get a flavour of what DW games are all about.

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