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Humans Took My Neighbors looking to come to Switch via Kickstarter

$9k for a Switch port
by rawmeatcowboy
09 November 2020
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Humans Took My Neighbors, which is very clearly inspired by the SNES classic Zombies Ate My Neighbors, is aiming to bring its old-school fun to Switch. A Kickstarter for the game is live right now, and it's looking to bring in $9k for a Switch port. You can find the Kickstarter here, and read all about the game in the press release below.

Humans took my Neighbors!, the retro-inspired top down action game developed by Heron Games , brings nostalgic campy arcade horror to PC in Q4 2021.

Monsternett year 19XX – All the monsters are getting ready for their Halloween celebration when suddenly ….. Humans start appearing from portals totally ruining the vibe and taking all the monsters to the Human World, Now it’s Anthony’s and Fenrietta’s duty as proud members of the monster squad to save the remaining neighbors and find the cause for this madness!

Use a variety of weapons to face the Human menace, Anthony’s yoyo, Fenrietta’s bat, guns filled with unholy water, frisbees you name it, everything goes when facing the Humans.

Save your neighbors or don’t with the game having multiple outcomes you’ll face different challenges if you fulfill your duty, or turn more monstruous if you see your neighbors perish..

Find out about the monsters and humans with secret collectables throughout the levels which contain details about the history and secrets of their worlds.

With a classic gameplay with lives system and usable items you’ll maneuver your way through the levels getting as far you can in each run, fighting menacing Human bosses trying to smite the Monster Squad.

Humans Took My Neighbors!' Kickstarter is currently ongoing. Heron Games hopes to raise $8,500 to develop the game full time and deliver by Q4 2021. Stretch goals include Switch Ports, hardcore mode, new characters, and 4 player CO-OP. Pledges for a digital copy of the game start at $10 and go all the way up to $60 for anyone who wants to help design a special enemy.

“Our goal for this game is to create a single player and co-op experience reminiscent of games of yesteryear with modern sensibilities, and an original setting flipping the usual monsters are bad guys around and a humorous and spooky vibe we love from ZAMN”. - Carlos Garza, Heron Games.

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