Brie Larson talks about playing Switch to stay in touch with family/friends during the pandemic, along with her love of Luigi and Peach

A true Nintendo fan

Nintendo and Brie Larson have teamed up once again to promote the Switch, this time with a new series of commercials. Brie is also doing interviews to talk about Nintendo, and she sat down with Elle to discuss how the Switch has been a connection point for friends and family during the pandemic.

"It's been quite a large focal point of my connectivity with my friends and family, and I'm so grateful for that. Some friends have actually gotten into Animal Crossing because of me, and so it's a way of virtually shopping or doing activities together. Then I've also now got Fortnite into the fold and so then for my more competitive friends and family members, that's become a huge source of connectivity and entertainment. I've been quite addicted to that game as well now."

Brie also talked a bit about her fondness for both Luigi and Peach, which you can read below.

"I will always have a deep place in my heart for Luigi's Mansion, because Luigi is my character. I love Luigi and I always wanted him to have his time to shine, he needed his own solo game. And now I'm just excited about the idea of pushing for a Princess Peach solo game. I think it's just been too long. Let's put Peach up there, let's give her her time to shine."

There's a lot more talk from Brie about Nintendo in the full interview, which you can find here.

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I have no interest in reading anything from a celebrity paid to promote Nintendo.

It would be cool to have an RPG (akin to Mario & Luigi) where you play as Peach, Daisy and Rosalina.
Their personalities could be further developed and it would be fun to have them save Mario and Luigi

That’s an awesome idea! Would love to see that!

I have no interest in reading anything from a celebrity paid to promote Nintendo.

The original Super Princess Peach game was a fantastic platformer. But it’s definitely too hot for today’s politically correct climate. Any new take on the series would be a shell of the creative original game.

Wed Nov 18 20 10:29pm
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To be fair, the game was pretty contentious back then too. That said, it was a solid enough platformer for its time, and very ambitious for the sole fact that Peach finally got her own game 20 years after her debut. So long as they have the right team behind it, a potential sequel could feel more like Donkey Kong Country Returns and less like New Super Mario Bros.

Wed Nov 18 20 10:16pm
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A robot that plays nintendo games, move over, R.O.B.!

I might be on my own here, but I just don't like Brie Larson.
I don't get why she's famous and I don't care what she has to say.


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