Retro Studios looking to hire a Boss/AI Designer for Metroid Prime 4

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Work continues on Metroid Prime 4, and we're not quite sure how far along the game is. All we know for a fact is that there's still a lot of work to be done.

Case in point, a new job listing for Retro Studios. The company is looking for a new Boss/AI Designer to work on the game. If you want to see some specifics for the job, you can check out the full listing here.

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Before people freak out and think “they’re only starting this now....??”, they’re hiring A boss/AI designer. As in, an additional one.

It’s very normal to hire additional staff throughout the lifecycle of a game development.

If anything, this may be a sign that the core gameplay is finished and now they're building on that. In other words, development is likely moving at a reasonable speed.

While it's entirely possible that you assumption is correct. It's still just that. An assumption.

Mon Dec 14 20 04:40pm
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I hate to admit it, but it’s hard for me to still be excited about this game. Even as a huge Metroid fan, my hype for this is going to be put on ice, at least until Nintendo finally decides they are willing to show something off.

But as someone who works in the entertainment field, more jobs right now are a good thing. I know there are a lot of struggling Filmmakers, Live Event Workers, and Game Developers. Every time I see a job post like this, I make sure to pass it around my network and hopefully, someone who needs it, sees it.

It's hard because they haven't showed anything. At the same, there's still nothing to feel too concerned about, like the inevitable hot takes on visuals or performance we've become used to jump over in every game. Or if it'll have towns or have elements of previous etc.

Just be patient - I am waiting for a new Prime game since the Wii U era, and I can wait a bit more. Retro has never disappointed us so far, even after several turnovers on their teams. We all know Nintendo is not the kind of company that will show something off just for the sake of it, so let's just give them time.

It’s not that I don’t trust Retro’s ability as a developer. It’s just the passage of time that has eroded any enthusiasm I’ve once had for the game. When gameplay is eventually shown I’ll be happy to climb back aboard the hype train, but until then there are just so many other game releases that I find more appealing.

What concerns me most is In recent years I’ve found Switch hardware performance to be, to put it nicely, not the most stable. Since Prime is a first-person shooter, having frame dips in gameplay can be pretty bothersome, especially for someone like me who is sensitive to it. I have no idea how gameplay will run until I can actually see gameplay released, but I can be realistic based on current and similar switch releases that have already come out.

We are almost on the two-year anniversary since development restarted, and like three and a half-ish years since the game was first announced. Personally, I just can’t be excited for Prime 4 on name alone anymore. But if people are still excited for the games to release more power to them, I’m not here to ruin anyone's fun.

I see. I understand your skepticism but while it's true that the Switch is not as powerful as other machines out there, first-party developers are usually more able to milk its power and make a finely tuned game. As for myself, I'm still pretty confident, so to each their own.

Mon Dec 14 20 07:05pm
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I'm really hoping there's a Switch Pro that releases before MP4 and that MP4 is optimized for it. I just can't see them making a decent looking 60FPS shooter on the Switch that isn't HEAVILY stylized. If it's going for the normal MP art style, I'm betting it'll either be 30FPS (which no console Metroid Prime should be) at probably 900P, or 60FPS at 720P with a dynamic resolution that regularly dips lower, which absolutely will look fuzzy on a 4K TV (which I'd imagine is the TV most Switch owners have nowadays). A Switch Pro is needed for at least a stable 1080P output at 60FPS on TV.

Considering how much longer we'll likely have to wait for MP4, I feel like it's not a stretch to expect there to be a Switch Pro (or whatever the next Nintendo hybrid is called) optimized version.

Just knowing that it’s happening is enough for me and getting confirmations like this that it’s still being worked on is plenty to keep me excited. I’m dying to see it of course but I’d take this wondering what it’s going to be like over the 7 year long doubt that Metroid would even return any day.

It'll be interesting to see how this affects the game given that it appears the first 3 games didn't even have a specific boss designer role. 👀


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