Dataminers discover unused Donkey Kong assets in Universal Studios Japan's mobile app

Donkey, Diddy, Rambi, and more!

You might remember awhile back that there were some very strong rumors and hints at a Donkey Kong-related ride for Super Nintendo World. We still don't have 100% confirmation that the ride exists, but Universal Studios Japan's mobile app certainly gives us some more fuel for the fire.

Dataminers have dug through the app and pulled out all the assets you see above, which are all tied to Donkey Kong. Seems odd to have so much Donkey Kong content and not have a Donkey Kong ride! It's likely just a matter of time until we see a reveal of the rumored DKC minecart ride. Now let's just hope it ends up in all versions of the park!

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How do you go from Nintendo making a DK theme park area to there being a DK game in development? I don't think they made the Mario area because "that" Mario game is in development.

I really don't get people who make posts like this, phrasing baseless speculation as clear fact. Right now the only "evidence" for an EPD DK game is that they used Donkey Kong art in a hiring post, which means absolutely nothing.

I think they mention Nintendo EPD for their involvement with Super Nintendo World, not that a game is speculated. I didn’t infer any game speculation from this post.

Mon Dec 21 20 05:48pm
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EPD is a software developer. They have little to do with Super Nintendo World. Nintendo has a specific department known as "Nintendo Business Development" which does licensing stuff including the smart phone apps. This is more likely the department overseeing Super Nintendo World. EPD solely does game production, they are a department solely designed around game development and oversight.

Well neither of us know for sure. All we really have to go on is descriptors of the business groups from Wikipedia

Since EPD is described as

The division assumed both of its predecessors' roles, focusing on the development of games and software for Nintendo platforms and mobile devices; it also manages and licenses the company's various intellectual properties.

Anywho. I for one would love to see a DK themed Mine Cart ride added by the time I hopefully make it to one of the Super Nintendo World locations in the future.

Mon Dec 21 20 07:28pm
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We don't know for sure but we do know that EPD came from a merger of their internal software development (EAD) and external software production (SPD) so the fact that those two were merged implies the focus was making software development more efficient. The fact that the mobile software development is an external division implies that they consider that "licensing", it wouldn't make much sense for EPD to be designed for software development but also have to worry about managing a theme park. Moreover, why would EPD be managing the DK expansion? The implication of that last line in the description, to me anyways, is that a team has involvement with the IP that it itself develops. That is to say, the Animal Crossing team is involved with the management of the Animal Crossing IP. EPD doesn't make DK games. It wouldn't make sense for them to manage the DK IP when their licensing department would probably be a better fit.

Either way most people dont know of EPD as a licensing division on the chance that they are one, so thats not how the original tweet reads. When someone says a software developer (and everyone thinks of EPD as that, because thats their main job) has "big plans" for x, it normally implies a new game. Which again, in the context of DK, no solid evidence that that is happening at the moment.

I mean its obvious the DK park is coming so you don't need to be hopeful, because its probably going to happen.

It’s been almost 7 years since the last DK game came out (if you exclude the Tropical Freeze port). Even if this isn’t direct “evidence” of a new game, I’ve gotta figure we’ll hear news about a new DK game fairly soon.

I dont know if someone named @KRoolKountry is really giving us a helpful, unbiased opinion on "big plans for DK coming", because I for sure "can't hear them coming" myself and have "been listening".


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