Nintendo's Japanese release schedule shows Banjo-Kazooie and Blast Corps hitting the Wii U Virtual Console today

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UPDATE - Nintendo has updated their calendar, and both listings have vanished. It doesn't appear Nintendo has given a reason for the removal, or an explanation as to why the titles were listed in the first place. You can find our original post below.


Here's an extremely odd one for you. Nintendo's official release calendar in Japan shows that the Wii U is getting two Virtual Console titles today, and both are quite notable.

According to the listing, Banjo-Kazooie and Blast Corps are seeing release. Both titles are appropriately listed as coming from Microsoft Japan as well. The calendar shows two separate listings, but the links for each game spit out a 404 message when you click through. Whether the calendar is completely wrong or the info got out earlier than anticipated is anyone's guess.


Is that hope I’m seeing?

Microsoft was only willing to settle on two games and only if they were just on Wii U.

But actually what is going on.

If they come to the European Wii U eShop, I'm buying them, 100%. Please let this be real!

I got Donkey Kong 64 for the Wii U VC a few months ago, I wouldn't mind if I also got a chance to add Banjo-Kazooie to my Wii U, which hopefully is followed by Banjo-Tooie.

Never played Blast Corps, so that'll be a nice bonus for me.

Wed Dec 30 20 04:30am
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It’d be extra nice if the XBLA remastered versions of Banjo and Tooie came. Hell Microsoft could port the entire Rare Replay to Switch and it’d sell buckets.

Blast Corps is tons of fun. It was one of the first N64 games I ever rented.

I doubt Microsoft would have negotiated a deal only for them to go die on Wii U. This is either a mistake, or they’re coming to Switch.

Your Wii U dream was phophetic, RMC!

Is it April 1st already?
I would buy them both but my Wii U is in its box ever since I got the Switch and that's not changing any time soon (as in ever).
Release them on Switch or don't even bother.

Between this and Swapnote Remastered, I think someone over at NCL is just being a bit of a prankster.

Cool for the people who don't own already own these in some form!... if they ever do release at all.

I just got an N64 with Blast Corpse this summer. Haven't played it much yet though.

But this sure is odd what happened here. Guess it's a mistake and it'll come to NSO instead. The N64 is finally coming.....

Wed Dec 30 20 10:04am
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I really wonder if that'll happen.

I mean, they obviously got N64-Wii emulation working on the Switch, and the Switch is quite popular, but I really wonder if they'll do it and how much they'll support it. I feel like I already own (in some form) any game likely to be emulated on those consoles.

Dream games unlikely to be released?
N64: Space Station: Silicon Valley, Mischief Makers, Diddy Kong Racing (actually possible)
GameCube: Doshin the Giant, Baten Kaitos Origins, Cubivore
Wii: Fatal Frame 4, Fragile Dreams, Arc Rise Fantasia.

I do not own any of the games listed above (and most I haven't ever played), which is why I'd likely buy a $10 version of any of them, but other than Diddy Kong Racing, there's about zero chance of any of the rest being re-released.

I'm sure Nintendo will be happy to sell you Ocarina of Time for 4th time.

Well, yeah, plenty of us have these games somehow, but I doubt everyone does. Heck, I know people who skipped the Wii and U entirely but got a Switch. There are also a lot of people who don't have their old consoles or have packed them in the attics who subscribe to the NSO etc.. I think it would be great for a N64 department there. GC/Wii is another thing. I think that'll be on the eShop, title by title. Kinda like the VC (IF it happens).

Sure they would mostly be pushing their OOT and all, but they have had some nce gems on the NES/SNES there so they COULD sneak in a couple more.

I actually really want Mischief Makers on the N64, so I might take a trip to eBay!

Yes, but I'm speaking in self-interest here. 😅 Hence my "dream games."

I'm sure there are plenty that want OoT again (they should also do Master Quest at the same time if we're being honest), but I'd certainly like it if they gave some time to more obscure quality games. I don't know if the GCN/Wii ones I listed above are quality, but The Last Story kind of didn't really get its due coming so late in the Wii life cycle. Just an example.

I really wonder if that'll happen.

Yes, but I'm speaking in self-interest here.

See where I'm a bit off here? =) What I am saying that there's a market for it, even if it's mostly the usual bunch of games. But as I mentioned they have thrown in a couple of gems for the NES/SNES department they could perhaps do it again with the N64. Would get them new subscribers for sure.

The Last Story is actually damn great. BUt it had to battle it out with the more popular (and better) Xenoblade at the time.

Ah, yes, I see. That is my bad.

I think I wondered if the N64 emulation would happen at all, but then I recalled the 3D All-stars collection and how those games ran on special emulators.

Sorry, I respond on my phone and am usually typing out my thoughts as they are forming. Sometimes I go back and check to make sure the thought was coherent, but I neglected to do that this time. My b.

HAhahaahah. Seems like we are bit alike. No worries! =)

Thu Dec 31 20 06:27am
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N64: Space Station: Silicon Valley, Mischief Makers, Diddy Kong Racing (actually possible)
GameCube: Doshin the Giant, Baten Kaitos Origins, Cubivore
Wii: Fatal Frame 4, Fragile Dreams, Arc Rise Fantasia.

I would love for those games to come to NSO.
But all we would get would probably be Mario 64, Paper Mario, the two Zeldas etc. The usual bunch.

Disappointing, but expected.


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