Random Time! - User discovers that characters' faces in Breath of the Wild use the same coding as Miis

A Twitter user by the name of @HEYimHeroic has figured out how non-playable characters are generated in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It has been discovered that the faces of these characters use a modified version of the coding used to create a Mii. This means that it is possible for modders to change the faces of these characters by loading in data from a Mii. 


Pretty cool. It’s always interesting to me seeing re-use across different games and projects.

Now Nintendo can you make this official and let us populate Hyrule with obscene faces Smile

Makes me wonder if there was a feature cut that would have NPCs based on Miis from your friend list walk around Hyrule.

I guess though more likely this was something they did to accelerate NPC development.

This surely sped up NPC fevelopment but it’s also to keep the file size low due to NPCs using the same basic models that are then customized with this Mii system.

Oh, I’m sure I’m wrong but maybe they had player character customization in mind at some point?

I highly doubt "character customization" was ever on their mind. They don't see Link as a strict avatar, and considering they chose to remove the option to name him I doubt they'd have had something like that in mind.

Mon Jan 04 21 05:30am
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Makes sense. If you can use existing code, why write something entirely new? These things would take forever if they started from square one every time.

It's possible that Nintendo were going to allow the Mii Maker to be used within the game, who knows, but like every other bit of unique Wii U functionality, it was scrapped once it was decided that the Switch would be getting a port.

Mon Jan 04 21 12:49pm
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But the Switch also has a Mii maker so If such a feature was planned it was cut for other reasons

I suspected this was the case just by looking at the NPCs and their interchangeable face parts. But I'm still rather surprised to see actual Mii-analogous facial features.


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