Unofficial Pokemon plush stretches Pikachu to uncomfortable lengths

That's a stretch

Pokemon Co. puts out plenty of official merch throughout the year, especially when it comes to plush dolls. Still, that's not enough to satiate everyone out there, and plenty of other knock-off companies try to slip through the cracks and create their own items. That's exactly what's going on with the plush above.

An absolutely odd Pikachu plush has popped up on AliExpress, and it's quite mammoth. Mixing Pikachu with a centipede design, this Pikachu takes up some serious space. There's a few different designs, with some of them stretching out to 5.5 feet! It's likely these plush dolls will be yanked from AliExpress soon, so check them out while you can!

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Wow, that is unsettling. Why is it in segments!?

Pikaterpillar, I choose you!


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